Laura Lowry
When you feel confident, you easily take action towards what you want. When you have the right tools and skills for a job, you feel confident. If your life and health are not where you want them, you are being asked to up-level your competency in these areas. Start now!

    Recipe Corner

    My favorites as I experiment with Healing foods. Real food my family and I actually eat. No chefs, no judgments.

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    The Art of Eating

    One of your most potent tools for health and spiritual connection in today’s world is the food you eat. How do you choose?
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I've Successfully Completed Karen Knowler's 12-Month Raw Food Coach Training
I'm a Karen Knowler Recommended Raw Food Coach
Money Marketing and Soul Certified Coach
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Brennan Healing Science Practitioner - Graduate Class of 1997