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Unexpected Benefits of A Raw Food Lifestyle: Dehydrators and Cell Phones

If you are new to Raw Food you might not know about the great variety and tasty treats that a dehydrator can bring to your table.  (I had raw “pizza” for lunch today — amazing!) Dehydrators in Montana are popular for venison jerkey and armageddon stockpiles of food, but for me my 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator allows me to gently preserve, enhance flavors, and add a variety of textures to my food.

However, I’ve learned something new!  Dehydrators can also Save Your Cell-Phone!

If you immerse your cell phone in water  (it wasn’t my fault: the phone jumped like a slippery fresh-caught fish from my hand to the lake shallows 5 feet away) don’t let the backward text, intermittent blackouts, and condensation-coated view screens dismay you.

Keep the phone on, turn the backlights to “stay on,” and put the phone into your dehydrator on low (98-104 degrees on mine) for several hours.

Yep, it does “dehydrate” the phone, thank you Excalibur!

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