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5 Minute Salad

Salads are so simple you can get stumped! I was reminded today that not everyone thinks of salad as a meal, or knows what comes after iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.  So here’s my, “must have dinner now – didn’t make plan” salad.

Of course, these items are staples in my refrigerator!  If they’re not in yours, try keeping fresh salad and avocado and lemon around and having salad instead of fast food.  Feel the difference!


Large bowl full of organic mixed greens

Avocado slices

Favorite veggies on hand – this one has red peppers, carrots, sprouts, and bean sprouts.

Nuts – this one has a nut and vegetable pate (through everything food processor and pulse; add spices until tasty!) made of walnuts, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic, celery, and tomato that I had leftover in my fridge. I wrapped them in Chinese cabbage for fun, like a spring roll. But if I didn’t have any tasty prepared nuts, I’d put a handful of fresh raw nuts on!


Squeeze of lemon

Dash of Braggs Liquid Aminos, or Namu Shoyu, or Celtic sea salt

1/2 tsp flax or olive oil, drizzled

There! You’re done faster than it took you to read this!  If you’re new to raw, remember not to skip the healthy fats!

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