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I Am Responsible For My Pain (And You Are Responsible For Yours)

We are responsible for our whole lives, not just the parts we want to be responsible for.

We may accept that our thoughts create our feelings. We get that we feel happier thinking happy thoughts than angry thoughts.

Most of us are not quite ready to accept that we are responsible for our whole lives.

I now choose to believe that all of physical experience originates from our energy. Our thoughts and feelings and beliefs create our experience. More deeply, our resistance or acceptance of our soul’s guidance creates our experience, including our dis-eases. I believed this before, too, at least in theory… but I had lots of exceptions!  It’s a work in progress – I expect to be weeding out “exceptions” to creating my own best life for a long time!  On this occasion, the reality those long-standing exceptions created was one of dis-ease.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis (spondyloarthritis). I was told to prepare for a hip replacement, take a course of prednisone, and begin a presumably lifetime regime of cancer drugs designed to carpet bomb my immune system.  I chose to address my “issues” instead – to seek transformation.  I didn’t want to numb my pain, I wanted to heal it.

I no longer have any pain or loss of mobility, except when I choose to.  Yes, choose to.  As I did last week. Last week I had company, I had some work I let feel stressful, I entertained some insecurities, and I chose old patterns and old comforts. Dairy and wheat! Pizza! Cheese and crackers! Bread and cheese! (Now these foods may be working for you, but they are known inflammation triggers for me.)

And not just for a moment, and then back into self-supportive habits. No, I reveled in my own resistance all week. By the end of the week, in addition to 5 unneeded pounds, I hurt. Finally, I hurt enough to take myself out for a long hike, ground my energy and align my thoughts, and get back in positive gear.

I have come to deeply know that my choices create my reality, especially my experience of my physical body.

This is fabulous! Because if we are responsible for our whole lives, we are able to manifest change across our whole lives. All of our fears and insecurities and excuses come up. But why argue FOR our own limitations? Why feed and support what we don’t want?  At any moment we have access to thoughts and actions that are healing, energizing, and comforting.  We can choose to raise our vibration – where life is joyful; rather than lower it – where life is bleak.

Seize your own power.  Step into your responsibility.  Make Grown-Up Miracles!  Not sure how? Call me!

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2 Comments to I Am Responsible For My Pain (And You Are Responsible For Yours)

  1. Rebecca's Gravatar Rebecca
    June 9, 2010 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi Laura,

    I love this post – so informative and thought provoking

    Thanks for sharing x

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