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Is Your Life Awesome? Are You Expecting It To Be?

Today, my life was especially Awesome!  The sky was extra blue, the budding leaves had all us warm-weather-wishing Missoulians outside despite the 44 F temperature, I found extra satisfaction completing my work, all those good feelings made good food choices and self-care choices easy…

Do you have these kind of days.. a lot?  Do you want to?

I’ve been thinking recently about the power of LOOKING for the life you want to live.  Of gently, curiously, expecting that absolutely everything will work out wonderfully for you.  I know, I know – already your mind is sputtering excuses at me.  But see, the thing is, I could have described my day very differently.  I could have said I wanted more sleep, I overslept from my alarm, my husband and I have full days and won’t see each other today from the morning kiss till he comes back well after I’m asleep.  I had menial tasks to do at my kids school… I could continue but it’s actually sort of uncomfortable for me to try to look at it in an ungrateful way.  I didn’t experience any of this in a negative way today.  In fact I was rather overwhelmed by the waves of grace and bliss that kept coming in. (And the mallards waddling by during that “menial” task were nice, too.)

What if we essentially experience what we’re looking for, what we’re programming ourselves to notice?  What if, no matter how long we’ve been programming ourselves to look for the other shoe dropping, or the love leaving, or the money hiding, we have complete and powerful choice?  What if the audacity and courage of leaving the past — if it seems negative — and choosing right now to appreciate, and feel good, and expect more of that… what if practicing that is really all it takes?

I’ve recently been reading some of the Abraham-Hicks books.  I don’t have all the answers.  Part of what I know about spirituality at this point in my life is that if I’m getting close-er it gets more and more unfathomable and paradoxical and ineffable.

But in a way I don’t care.  Maybe because I’m a Taurus?  Who knows, but there’s a strong, stubborn, PRACTICAL side to all this for me.


I can believe that I am a small, finite being here at the mercies of many forces.  I can blame whomever or whatever has been most unfair to me, most hurtful.  I can run over in my mind all the things that have not gone right for me, and I can share them with others, and enjoy their shared negativity, which instead of comforting me often makes me feel small, or if I am lucky, angry and revengeful.  (Lucky because angry feels better than despairing.)  The color begins to leech out of my life.  I long for a different expereince but I don’t understand.  I feel tired and my body isn’t working as well as I want…in fact, I hurt.

Or, I can believe that I am connected, always, to a larger, infinite, Soul or Source or Higher Self.  That that larger perspective is absolutely positive and loving, and holds me in that regard at-all-times, no matter how “smaller me” may be feeling.  I can choose to find this ever-changing soup of co-creation that I navigate through each day to be a curious, fantastic adventure.  I can choose and choose and choose to stay curious about all the amazing ways I can react.  All the amazing ways I can find to put myself down or to play small or to be afraid! And I can choose to LOOK for ways to raise my vibration when I notice that happening.

Which one is more TRUE?

Well, I don’t KNOW.  But I sure as all green pickles know which one leads to a larger, happier, convergence and creativity-filled life.  I know which one keeps me full and joyful and immediately able to be of service when grace calls me to help another.  I know which one keeps me RECEPTIVE, so that I notice the miracles and synchronicities and everyday awesome that comes.

I didn’t start out here. There was a time in my life that I held so much self-hate and insecurity that I couldn’t bear to acknowledge someone’s “hello” on the street, or look at myself in a mirror. There’s been practice, and learning, and always, grace.  That rushing in of just-what-you-need in the moments that you can surrender to the support that has just been waiting for you to rest within it.  Maybe you haven’t experienced that yet.

It’s ok.  I was there, and now I’m here, where oh-my-goodness-wonderful is ordinary.  And I have a view from here, and people farther downstream than me, and they are all laughing that it just gets better, bigger, still.

Go out and LOOK for your Awesome!

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3 Comments to Is Your Life Awesome? Are You Expecting It To Be?

  1. Betty's Gravatar Betty
    May 10, 2010 at 6:50 am | Permalink

    Loved reading through everything here, Laura. You have re-inspired me to continue my own exploration. I am very proud you have “gone public”. :>) Keep up the good work.

  2. May 20, 2010 at 10:19 am | Permalink

    Laura, I am impressed. Your presentation is excellent. I read it all. What I am thankful for today is, that I walked around the lake today for the first time in a year. Of course it took me twice as long as a year ago, but I made it. I am still frolicking all over the water in my imaginary tail. Yes it Works!!!!! Thanks Keep up the good work.

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