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It’s Not a Sin to Be Happy

Have you reached the point where you are aware that your thoughts, decisions, and attitude have at  least as much of an impact on your happiness as external, situational factors?

‘When you smile, the world smiles with you.’

Congratulations!  You have reached a place of self-awareness from which you can use non-judgemental self-awareness to increase your happiness, your sense of purpose, and your peacefulness.

And Yet….

I see so many people reach a level of self-awareness, experience some profound changes in  perspective and shifts in their experience…and then stall out.

We LOVE expansion “” up to a point!  It feels so great when things are clicking along, you know you’re  growing, you know you’re improving, you’re making changes… and then you become aware that the  “next step” involves a bigger change, or a releasing of a long-held habit.  And very often, you backtrack.  You move back into your old comfort zone.  You CHOOSE habits, actions, and even thoughts that slow you down, muffle your inner guidance, and put the brakes on nonjudgmental sense of transformation.


Reason #1: Pushing too fast/skipping stages or steps

Reason #2: Negative Intention / Negative Pleasure

Reason #3: FEAR

Its Reason # 3 I want to address here.  Fear, especially the fear of being happy.  Maybe you’re thinking that is ridiculous, of course you’re not afraid to be happy.  So let me ask you a few questions.

Have you ever dampened your good mood to commiserate with someone who was feeling victimized or depressed?

Have you secretly felt that if you had “too much” of the good stuff, you were taking away from someone else?

Have you ever caught yourself appreciating some life situation in the moment, but at the same time keeping a wary eye out for whatever was going to come along and ruin it?

Have you ever turned your back on an action or behavior you knew was “good” for you, and chosen something that made you feel guilty or sad instead?

What about that exercise where you imagine what advice you would give your best friend?  Do you find you are far more compassionate with a friend than you are with your own self-talk?

What if these are all examples of being afraid that you don’t deserve to be happy, or you won’t be cool if you’re happy, or you won’t get anything done if you’re happy.

If your happiness is outside of you, it’s not up to you.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not your responsibility. If your happiness is up to you, then it IS your responsibility, it IS up to you.  Your choices matter.

So, you’ve worked with yourself enough to be able to access your inner guidance, IF you make time for it, choose it.  You align your intention with that inner guidance and you start choosing in alignment with your Highest Self or purpose.  Quickly, you feel better, more energized, more positive.  And quickly, you hit the “wall,” or hard choices.  The funny thing is, they’re not really hard choices.  They are choices that bring you into more alignment, more flow, and bring you more happiness.  But your fear has been activated.  You’ve seen that you will have to change, to upgrade yourself! And consciously or not, that brings you smack up with one of the great decisions of our time.

Are you an active, responsible (as in able-to-respond) co-creator?  Are you a spark of the Divine, called to consciousness?

Or are you not?  What if you get to choose?

It’s not a sin to be happy.  It’s an act of tremendous self-love and courage.

So the next time you catch your thoughts, the next time you are aware of yourself debating a course of action, pause for a moment.  Give yourself a breath of gentle non-judgement.  Take a minute to feel your body, notice your energy, notice the details of the moment.  And then reach for the highest energy, the best feeling, the most loving and compassionate vibration you can.  You are the Light.  You are the Bold Adventurer.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.  What would you like to create?

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