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Starting a New Business – the Crazy Paradox

I am realizing you have to be a little crazy to start your own business.

In that spirit here’s an un-edited look inside my head, as I go a little crazy, happily starting my own business.

In the beginning, you have to take nothing, look at everything already out there, and leap in anyway.

You have to believe that the only thing stopping what’s in your head from being real in the world…is you.

In the past 48 hours, I’ve expereinced the euphoria of  my own path, the creative juice that comes with collaboration, and the awed respect for other people’s achievements.  I’ve expereinced how just where I am RIGHT NOW makes a difference in the world.  I’ve also heard the tapes in my head asking, “”who are you to dream of this?”  “What makes you think any such thing is possible?”  “Surely you’ll fail; better to give up now.”  I’ve felt smaller feelings of jealousy or envy that want to put me in my “less than” space.  I’ve felt hopeless in the face of my own thoughts…for a moment!

It comes down to this:  Most of us have beliefs that cause us tho think one set of the above feelings is more real than the other.  What about you?  Does it seem obvious to you that “bad” things are more likely than “good” things?  I think the real power of our creation comes in the dance, in the walk along the edge, of all these thoughts.  Whatever is happening now is real…but how do you respond?  Where do you put your attention?  What do you CHOOSE to feed and attend to?

What works?  What makes your life better, from your perspective, tomorrow and next week and next year?

So this weekend I am walking in the paradox.  I am soaking up everything I can learn and reveling in all the amazing information that is coming to me now that I am looking. I am riding the crest of that awesome expansion, right up until I crash down, wondering how I might get there from here.  So I pull inside, ignore everything out there, and keep going, keep creating my own life from the inside out.  And as that alignment flows, and I feel good again, I reach back out…   And in each moment I notice what I am feeling, but I choose to focus on the best of that and change, where I can, anything that takes me negative.

Here’s to the journey!

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