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Top 10 Soul Spark Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

1. A Raw-Food Diet Decreases Inflammation. Inflammation = Pain.  Systemic Long-Term Inflammation = Disease.

I had been diagnosed with spondyloarthritis, and sacroiliitis – painful, debilitating “itis’s” that meant I was in constant pain and unable to perform simple movements such as getting dressed, getting in and out of a car, or sitting on a floor.  Constant pain, as anyone who suffers from any chronic discomfort can tell you, also left me fighting exhaustion and depression.  After 5 days on a strict raw cleanse, I had almost no pain and regained mobility I thought had been lost forever! By day 5 I was sitting cross-legged on the floor without props or pain.  You better believe I wanted to find out more!

2. A Raw Food Diet Increases Energy.

Is this because living food is full of enzymes? Is this because a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables is loaded with all the nutrients we need in the ratios and combinations nature designed? Is this because raw food retains its energetic life force and coherent field?  I don’t yet know all about why it works, yet certainly this is a powerful and desirable effect!

3. A Raw Food Diet Increases Beauty!

Well, it cleared up my acne (no small thing — I had cystic acne as a teenager and have tried every medical intervention suggested by dermatologists, from antibiotics and retenin creams to Accutane) when nothing else had.  Live, organic, fresh fruits and vegetables naturally increase the “glow” in your skin and brighten the whites of your eyes.  A little spring in your step and a ready smile help, too!  Nails get strong, systems are regular.   Raw food nourishes us at a cellular level.  Personally, I haven’t been sick (!!!) since I adopted raw food.  Remember the no-pain part?  That definitely helps!  It’s hard to even care what you look like when you just want to stop hurting.

4. A Raw Food Diet Lightens Your Thoughts.

I am more optimistic, appreciative, calm, effective, and clear on a mostly raw food diet.  I found this so hard to believe when I first began that I deliberately went back and forth – raw, regular, raw, regular – several times before I really believed: Yep, it’s the food!  I can’t explain this — try it!

5. A Raw Food Diet Increases Your Ability to Pursue Your Dreams.

This is a wonderful side effect of having more energy and lighter thoughts.  You DO know what your dreams are.  You absolutely CAN access your inner guidance as to what steps are necessary.  A raw food diet doesn’t just make these steps easier.  It directly improves your courage, your heart, your guts — metaphorically speaking, your ability to have the audacity to hope for  – to have faith in – your own best life.

This is a subtle yet profound shift I have noticed not only in myself but in others who have made the transition to a living raw foods diet.  We start pursing dreams we had held only in our most secret imagination.  What is important and what it takes to get there become more clear. Are you searching for your purpose, for deeper meaning and satisfaction in your life?  Some of the spiritual practices or belief systems that make this manifest are the subject of literally thousands of books.  Adding Living, Plant-based food to whatever path speaks to you is like turbocharging your vehicle — your journey speeds up!

6. A Raw Food Diet Helps Release Food Cravings and Food Addictions.

Because a raw food diet is made up of nutrient dense foods in high volume/low calorie packages (think 4 cups of broccoli and a cup of blueberries vs. one small bag of french fires), the body’s natural food intake and monitoring systems work the way they were designed.  High volume and high fiber foods take longer to eat and add bulk to your digestive system, giving you time to realize you are full.  High fiber fruits and vegetables require more chewing than processed flour+sugar+fat combinations (think an apple vs a donut).  A Raw Food diet by definition excludes all the modern processed foods that can be triggers for so many people, as well as many of the foods that have become common allergens recently, such as milk and gluten.  How often have you eaten more potato chips than you wanted, or indulged in a sweet even though you weren’t hungry?  Compare that to how a decadently rich, high calorie and fat raw dessert, such as a raw chocolate torte, tastes amazing but simply can’t be eaten in enormous quantities.  You feel full, satisfied.  The difference in insulin response between a traditional torte and a raw whole foods torte is huge.  The combination of stable blood sugars and lack of triggers is a potent combination for ending the cycle of food cravings, addictions, and guilt.

7. A Raw Food Diet Is Free Of What Makes The Standard American Diet S.A.D.

Have you been reading that hormones and pesticides in our meat and milk supply are bad for us?  Trans-fats? Processed sugars and carbohydrates? Excess bad fats, no fresh fruits, not enough fiber, not enough vegetables? Do you sometimes feel like if you want to be healthy you’re not supposed to eat anything? Transitioning to a Raw Foods lifestyle takes some time and effort, no doubt.  Yet in the process you come to appreciate the incredible abundance of delicious, natural, healthy foods.  All off the different tastes and textures we’ve gotten used to can be accommodated on a raw food diet — from sweet fruit smoothies to delicious, crunchy almond-raisin-cinnamon “truffles,” to savory crunchy macadamia nut “cheese” crackers — and that’s the complicated stuff!  Simple fruits and vegetables will delight you in ways you’ve forgotten, and your old favorite snacks will NOT taste the same! Weird, but true!  Before transitioning, I had never eaten a perfect ripe mango, sliced up jicama for snacking, or tried a super-food shake made with fresh coconut water.  WOW!

8. A Raw Food Diet Works As A Powerful Tool For Increased Awareness.

Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Ken Wilber, Oprah!  You don’t have too look far today to see that millions of people are searching for the MORE in their lives, and that some of the pioneers in the field are leading us into new ways of working with old practices of mindfulness and awareness.  I believe there are a lot of ways to approach the spiritual mountain.  Increasing consciousness, or Presence, or energy awareness, is a common theme.  And a living Raw Food diet is a fabulous tool to support such an endeavor.

9. A Raw Food Diet Increases Connection.

Connection to where food comes from (in this case, plants!). Connection to the seasonality of food, which is often lost in our wonderful modern ability to get foods from all over the world in our local grocery store all year long. Connection to a community of vibrant, interesting, compassionate people who are interested in improving their consciousness and their lives. And, most incredible and ineffable to me personally, connection to a deeper level of Being, or Self, or Spirit.

10.  From My Daughter: “A Raw Food Diet Makes Mummy and Daddy Happy and TASTES GOOD!”

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE 100% Raw! Incorporating more fresh, living, organic fruits and vegetables into your daily food choices WILL upgrade your health. You can take it at the right pace for you, your family, your lifestyle. Add a fruit-and-greens smoothie to your morning. Make fruit, or crudites with dip, your snack of choice. Try thinking meat or if vegetarian, grain/salad/vegetable when you are planning dinner instead of meat/buttery starch/cheesy vegetable. Start where you can and see what you notice!  Happy living!

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    May 22, 2010 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    Would you send or post the recipe for ‘cinnamon’ truffles, please? Thanks.

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