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5 Steps to Allow Your Creative Healing Life Pulse, Spark Your Spirit, and Release Your Pain. (Part 2 of 3)

OK.  You’ve recognized that you are pushing through, soldiering on.

You’re aware of the signals from your body (tired, achy, maybe sick).  You’ve seen how your mind, if you let it, uses negative comparisons, false beliefs, and rationalizations to spur you forward.  You know you’ve narrowed you connection to Spirit because you feel  uninspired, lonely, and heavy.  You’re ready to stop loosing all your energy in pain-causing resistance.

What do you do?

Here are 5 steps to honor the contraction segment of the life pulse.

Following them will allow you to step back into your own flow – instead of feeling like you are a dam trying to hold back a raging river, you will feel supported as you flow naturally downstream.  Real growth, healing and expansion come from allowing this flow, not fighting it.

Step 1: REST.

This is hands down the absolute most important step. If you are tracking your energy very closely, this can be as simple as focusing inward on you energetic body for a moment. It can be getting to bed an hour earlier or taking time for a walk.

If you have been pushing yourself for a long time… for years… then this step can feel very difficult. Your body and soul will be crying out for deep rest, for retreat. For sanctuary. Mundane rest will NOT be enough. In order to break the cycle of pain, you must honor yourself enough to create sacred sanctuary.

Get quiet. Ask yourself what you need. Don’t miss the answer – I guarantee its there. It may be followed almost immediately by a long list of why not. You may have long conversations with yourself about what you fear would happen if you just stopped. If for some period of time, it was only about you.

Miraculous whole life healings can begin right here. How much time does it take? The answer is, it’s not about time. It’s about letting all of time, all of the mind and the beliefs and the shoulds, out of the driver’s seat. You make a radical commitment to yourself. You stop, get out of your own way, surrender, rest. Let Spirit drive. So often we take our souls out of the equation — we live in a fast-paced rational world of distraction and resistance. As Carolyn Myss has said, we water down the mystical divinity of Spirit, of our Souls, into “energy.” We’ll talk about body/mind/energy… but it’s been stepped down. That works well for lots of mundane tasks. If you want miraculous, if you want transformation — that’s the realm of the sacred.

Rest. When you’ve been pushing, the way back into the flow is to stop pushing.

Pause. Surrender. Rest.

Step 2: Replace Guilt.

As far as I can tell so far, guilt’s only purpose is to let us know we left ourselves. You are not a victim.  Guilt keeps you feeling that you are. If you feel guilty for resting, you have a neon sign flashing at you saying, “You are choosing a belief which is Spiritually inaccurate.” Journal the conversation you go through. “I feel guilty because if I (do this) then (this will happen).” Really? Is it really true in your life? Have you tried it? And if it has been true in the past, is it true now? And if it feels true in your mundane life, is it spiritually true? Get curious. Guilt tells you you’re narrowing your connection to Spirit. Curiosity opens it up again.

Step 3: Stay Present.

Right this minute, right NOW, you are enough, you can tell what you need, you can feel your body and your energy, you can step into the flow. Watch for all the ways you pull yourself into the future. Especially when you are already hurting, this is so unnecessary. Imagine your evolved, capable, adult self. Imagine your small, scared, not-yet-allowing-the-full-light-self.

Now compare these two pictures.

In the first picture, you stay in the present moment. You adult self is real, and you can put your consciousness there, you can identify with your evolved adult self, and you can gently hold your small self. Soothe your own fears, listen to what is needed in this moment. And you are able to meet that need.

In picture number two, you move into the future. You have now left the real. Your adult self is no longer your mystically connected, powerful, authentic light-self, but rather a series of constructs you have chosen to believe about what an adult is and how he or she functions. This adult self is likely to be impatient with a scared smaller self. For myself in this place I imagine this “false” adult dragging the child forward, impatient and oblivious to the child’s felt fear.

Which way of being with yourself do you choose?

Step 4: Look For False Beliefs.

At the core, we all step out of our own flow because of a false belief. It can be very profound to start treasure-hunting for these limiting beliefs.

This is where supportive work with another can be invaluable — most of our false beliefs are formed in relationship, and bringing them to light often involves a healing relationship. This can be done through a truly infinite number of modalities. Massage, energy healing, breath-work, creative art journeys. In my experience modalities that integrate the body/mind/spirit and practitioners who possess both depth and skill are a magical combination. Like Shrek’s onion, there are layers upon layers of beliefs.

It is NOT necessary to find or understand them all – healing can and does happen completely outside the capacity for our mind to understand. Yet this can be a helpful practice as a focus. Most of us have a limit to how much not-knowing we are able to sit with before we feel agitated. When you do get pieces that you understand, it can feel very motivating, very comforting. And that understanding can be lightly held as an imperfect tool. You allow that nothing you think is Truth, but you also use your mind to continually upgrade your beliefs and self-talk.

Step 5: Go On A Rampage of Compassionate Acceptance.

This is a wonderful antidote to our distracted over-busyness. How many things about your present experience can you appreciate? You are perfect in your imperfection. Practice being curious about the most compassionate, loving response to yourself you can think of. Do that. Do it some more. You were born to be happy, brilliant and whole. Let it in!

Check back tomorrow for Part 3: Coming Out of Contraction and Living Your Life Pulse

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