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Coming Out of Contraction and Living Your Life Pulse (Part 3 of 3)

Your natural state of being is one of radiant, miraculous, abundant, love and contentment.

You have recognized your own willful pushing on.  You have done the difficult work of becoming conscious of your own resistance and perhaps some beliefs that feed that resistance.  You have set a different intention, to rest and allow the inward contraction of your life pulse.

Congratulations, you have re-entered the world of miracles.

Your intention to create sacred sanctuary opens up sacred sanctuary.  I am intentionally using mystic language to remind you that the difference between the mundane world and that of the sacred is the flow of your Soul, or Spirit, or Source, into your life.  The more you practice the art of allowing this flow, the more you experience miracles of synchronicity and Grace.

Why This Matters to YOU:

  • Every minute of your life, you are learning, growing, and experiencing.  During the expansion part of your life pulse, you may have “peak ” experiences.  You meet your goals, feel great, surpass yourself, master the technique you were working on.
  • On a mystical or Soul level, this expansion is eternal.  When you hear people talking about The Secret, or The Law of Attraction (Ask and It is Given), they are talking about how it works at your Source, without resistance.  Check out the Abraham-Hicks body of work here to learn more.
  • However, from your perspective, at the everyday, body/mind/energy field level, these peak experiences are in effect acts of Grace. Until you bring the experience back into your core; until you contract, and touch your outer experience to your inner life, its not yours. When you take your experience inside, the contraction can sometimes feel like a loss.  Like you are lessening the experience, making it smaller.  What is actually happening is a refining.  You touch the outer experience to you inner core, and as you come back out, what you have left is truly yours.
  • This is key to effectively creating the life you want!

When you move through all the aspects of the Life pulse (expansion-pause-contraction-pause), you  learn from your experiences and you are free to create in new ways. When you skip steps, the creative process is hamstrung.  You don’t actually learn in a way that is durable and applicable across various situations.  For example, lets say you read a book on creating better communication with your spouse.  You find the information very inspiring and you get excited, and you try out a technique from the book and experience a shift with your spouse.  This is expansion.

You go on with your busy life and notice that although you can remember some of the advice you read, you aren’t able to actually behave that way very often.  It sounded good when you read it, but you can’t implement it.  And the patterns with your spouse that caused you enough pain to desire a change and lead you to pick up the book in the first place, continue.  You recycle, in various ways, the same pattern.  This is a wonderful gift of the Universe, that we get to keep experiencing the same issues until we actually learn to BE different.  We have all felt the frustration, however, of being in pain or dis-ease and feeling like we just can’t break the cycle.  We get stuck in side eddies of blame and old pains replayed and we label ourselves victims, adding to our disempowerment.  This is resistance to the Life Pulse.

What if, instead, you spend some time really digesting that book, attempting to apply it to your own life? You take it inside and let it touch you, and you allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Even though it causes you some pain as your ego/mind tries to “protect” you, you look at some of the actions and beliefs you have been maintaining that cause painful communication with your spouse rather than allowing ease and intimacy.  This is contraction.  And remember, this isn’t a process of time, it’s a process of energy.

Maybe, now, there’s just one piece of all you read the sticks with you consciously. But you’ve absorbed the energy, you’ve made it yours through the process of surrender, of contracting into your inner world.  You feel a sense of excitement, optimism, and anticipation.  You emerge.  And, in this one area, your vibration is now categorically different, and thus your experience will be different.  Your behaviors and reactions will be different.  You’ve changed! This is expansion.

Allowing your Life Pulse gives you the power to shift any pattern or experience you choose.  It gives you the greatest access to your inherent state of loving contentment.

  • Your Creative Life Pulse follows the greater flow of your Soul’s expansion. It will always bring you the next step, whether you are looking for healing, for creative inspiration, or for clarity.
  • Following your Life Pulse sparks your spirit within you — it feeds a living, conscious connection between you and Source.  Your sense of happiness is directly related to the amount you allow or resist that ever-present, loving connection.
  • All lingering, chronic pain is at its heart resistance.  Feeling pain, both in the body and in a compassionate, vulnerably open human heart, is a part of our humanity.  But in the flow, it is never experienced as suffering, and it flows. It changes. Resistance causes suffering, pain that repeats and solidifies and becomes beliefs.

We are living in a time of great shift.  At a mystical level, it is impossible for you to be a victim of your own life.  So many of us are in pain, and so many of us know there is more to life than what we have allowed ourselves.  With great love, I encourage your emergence as you allow your Creative Healing Life Pulse more fully into your life.

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