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How Pushing On Stops Your Creative Healing Expansion, Stifles Your Connection to Spirit, And Causes You Pain. (Part 1 of 3)

Life is busy.

You have deadlines, schedules, and family needs to meet.  Our whole culture equates “purposefulness” with productivity, so you, like the economy, should always be growing.  The goal is to always be doing, producing, and manifesting more, right?


Do you ever feel general fatigue, body aches, and increased cravings?  Are you familiar with a desire to be “lazy” that seems to grow rather than recede with time?  Have you ever noticed that the more you push through, the more you have a tendency to spiral into thoughts that are more negative and draining?  Your enthusiasm and creativity get replaced with thoughts of why you can’t do this and why you should do that.

“Can’t” and “should”, weary and uninspired. These are signs that you are pushing your energy flow.  Perhaps, like me, you find this a particularly challenging message to notice and respond promptly to.  Like many people, like the government, you may buy into the desire for perpetual stimulation and growth.  You keep going, you push through; you make it to the end of the day.

Normal, Right?  Ick!

Trying to keep anything in a constant state of expansion requires tremendous energy and builds up tremendous resistance.  It also leads to large pendulum swings – what appeared as solid growth now appears to be swept away.  The boom becomes the bust.

We’ve lost touch with the natural rhythm of expansion-pause-contraction-pause.

Our energy, our breath, our creative process, our relationships – the very flow of our lives — all are constantly moving in this pattern.  True growth depends on honoring this process, this life pulse.

How often do you stop, pause, go within, and re-source?

Typically, especially in Western culture, we feel brilliant when there is new expansion.  We like fresh green growth, the warming of spring, new adventures and exciting pastimes.  The pause at the top feels pretty good, too!  And it is important to savor that moment of full bloom, to enjoy the vista at the top of the mountain.  To celebrate our growth and successes.

We can run into trouble on the way down, though.

Do you ever try to push off the need to rest?  Do you recognize any of these signs of resisting the natural flow of contraction, of journeying inward?

  • You use comparisons with others to spur yourself on. Someone else is still expanding. Someone else is further along the path than you.  Someone else is on an entirely different path and it looks more fun.
  • You vilify your own flow… “I’m lazy.  I should be getting more done.  I’m not productive.  I’m not good.”
  • You catastrophize by being in the future. You don’t say, “I can feel I need a more rest and I will make that my top priority.”  You say, “I can’t rest, I have to do (insert catastrophically long list here).  Anyway that would mean I am so lazy and I would fall behind and maybe I really don’t want to succeed and I will never get this done and I am going to fail and not reach my dreams and…”
  • Your soft addictions increase.  Soft addictions are any behaviors we engage in compulsively to distract us from allowing what is. A cocaine addiction is legally and socially defined as pathological.  We see users as irresponsible and ineffective, and we see their denial of reality and compulsive search for stimulation. Effective, responsible adults engage in culturally accepted and supported soft addictions.  They are acting on the other end of the spectrum, but it’s the same coping mechanisms and desires at work.  TV. Computer games or phone aps.  Friends you know are drains on your energy or lead to you being in places you know are not ideal for you. Food. Social alcohol. Shopping. Your list may be different but you’ll know your own triggers by the way they make you feel.
  • It’s not that these things in and of themselves are bad. They’re not. However, if you notice yourself using them to stimulate yourself away from awareness; if you find yourself engaging in any of these behaviors with a sense of compulsiveness; then you have a powerful signpost regarding your resistance to your authentic flow.

This common pattern stops our eternal capacity for creative healing.  It’s stifles our connection to our spirits.  And it causes us pain.

As you read this on paper, reflect on it as something you are witnessing, rather than something you are caught up in.  Can you see how cruel such comparisons, self-beliefs, and compulsive behaviors really are?

And how often do they work?  How often do you feel authentically inspired by such self-talk, ready to go like gangbusters again?  If you whip yourself back into action enough, you are likely very “busy” — but underneath you also likely feel a sense of panic and desperation.

I know those are strong words, but I think they are appropriate.  I find that we all feel tremendous pain when we deny our natural flow, and we often go to great lengths to feel that pain less.

How many times have you thought to yourself that you could sleep for a week?  How many times do you fantasize about long vacations or retreats?  How often do you stop only for illness?  How often do you endure weeks of fatigue and negativity rather than pausing to renew at the first desire?

These are all symptoms of avoiding the contractive phase of our life-pulse.

Now that you are aware, your options are multiplied exponentially.  You can access your power for creative healing.  You can re-connect to your Spirit, your inner guidance and wisdom.  And doing so will automatically and instantly reduce your pain.

You can step into this process from exactly where you are.  You can create tremendous ease and flow in your experience. You can become sensitive to your life pulse from any place on the spectrum, whether you are trying to hear the softest whispers or whether you are currently only aware if it hits you over the head, so to speak. You can release patterns that cause you pain and allow your natural state instead.

Check back tomorrow to find out how!

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  1. Spirit's Gravatar Spirit
    June 15, 2010 at 8:56 pm | Permalink

    Fabulous! Thank you!

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