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Imagination, Persistence, and Support: How to Create Something From Nothing

Good Day!

There are a couple of fun threads pulling together today, and I am inspired to share with you.  I’m in the process of creating my new logo and website, and moving my business  in a new direction.

In the big picture, I want to share with you all the ways I’ve learned to move life from blah to AHHH! I am passionate about supporting YOU in manifesting YOUR dreams.  You CAN do it, be it, or have it.

Today,  I’m thinking about how imagination, persistence, and support play into a magical creation/manifestation experience.


How do you create something from nothing?  How do you make your dreams a reality?  You have to have a dream.  Something you want to be different.  Longing.  Not, I want this but I know it won’t happen – you’ve just negated your creation.  Dreaming, imagining, creative flowing.  A desire of the heart.  Optimistic, expectant longing… the kind that makes you breathe in and smile.


There has been a great deal of persistence, for both myself and my team, involved in developing the new logo and website for The Soul Spark Coach.  There is great persistence in any creation.

(Quiz: do you know the difference between persistence and willful pushing?  Answer: back pain!  Persistence keeps you headed in the direction you want to go even in the face of boredom, challenges, and adjustments.  Willfull pushing activates your back chakras in unbalanced ways, cuts you off from the guidance of your emotions, drains your energy, and leads to backaches.)

First, shhhh… Here’s a top-secret tidbit for all of you wonderful, faithful, early readers of my blog: it looks like there’s going to be a butterfly theme in my new website and logo.  I know, butterflies!  They are such wonderful metaphors for transformation, impermanence, and being in the now. Caterpillars, I am pretty sure, don’t tell themselves they shouldn’t be hungry.  They just eat.  And I have been told that when caterpillars are in their cyrhsalli, the don’t just gently “shift” into their new, able-to-soar wings.  They literally liquefy and reform from the cells up.  Doesn’t change sometimes feel like that to you?  Like you can’t get fully into your new place without letting so much of the old go it feels like you’re going to loose your very sense of self?  How do you have faith that the process is going to take you higher?  How do you trust you will be filled with color and able to fly?


I am so deeply, insanely, unspeakably grateful for my friends, my husband, my team…  I used to pride myself on my ability to soldier on.  I considered my willful tenacity, stubbornness, and occasional tendency to martyrdom to be great character traits.

I no longer experience life from a perspective of self-sacrifice and lack. I have untangled (most!) of the belief that I am a good person when I give up of myself so that someone else can have more, and resources are basically limited.  I now find my experience to be all about abundance (I know, so trendy!)  How can I let more joy, abundance, and light flow through me so that I uncover more of my own shadow and cast more light and less pain into this reality?  Asking those kinds of questions has allowed me to create, and allow in, a lot more support.

That support is SO HELPFUL in being able to tolerate the energy dips.  Fears, frustrations, and doubts come up.  I know that these feelings move quickly when I let them flow naturally, and most of the time I manage that very well.  When I don’t, when I get caught, or triggered, and I let a feeling become an emotional reaction, and I start spiraling into the past, and beliefs about what things mean, and on and on… having support in place  makes those moments a very different kind of experience.  I recommend it!

I call it bumper bowling!

I’m always reaching for the next highest vision, the next step in my growth and success.  But over time I have learned to explore those new areas with “bumpers” in place.  I may not yet be skilled at throwing the ball.  I may not yet be skilled at accurately hitting my target.  But the support — the bumpers — I have in place mean no gutter balls!  No falling down so hard that it hurts to get back up.  Worst case scenario… I miss the target by a bit, and the ball comes back.  Can you feel how that takes the bite right out of any fears and insecurities that may be holding you back?

What do you want to make better? Persist in making it better. Get Support. Enjoy!

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