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Simple Raw Sandwich

About once a month I make a triple batch of Matt Amsden’s Famous Raw Onion Bread.  It is super simple to make, but does require a dehydrator.  I use a pizza cutter to cut the finished sheets of “bread” into rectangles for sandwiches and crackers and triangles for pizza.  I have yet to find a way I don’t like to to eat this stuff; it is one of the staples of my stay-raw toolbox.

When I am really crunched for time, I usually make a smoothie or eat a couple pieces of fruit.  I was (still am) always the snacker that reached for the handful of goldfish or the quick cheese and crackers, so I have to have lots of simple options available to me quickly to be happy in my Raw Lifestyle.

Today, I wanted something more to chew!  So I made this delicious sandwich from the onion bread, spinach, sprouts, red pepper, and some raw tahini sauce I had made up (see recipe here).  YUM.  And of course, you could make this with anything – whatever sauces you have, avocados, tomatoes…  I think raw food has brought back the kid in me who thinks food is meant to be played with! :)

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