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Watermelon Candy

THANK YOU to Sergio and Valya Boutenko.  I stumbled across this while browsing through their book, Fresh: The Ultimate Live-Food Cookbook.


I barely had any left to photograph as the whole neighborhood devoured it.

To Make: Slice watermelon thinly, dip in freshly sqeezed lemon juice, and dehydrate for about 11 hours or until desired consistemcy at 115 degrees.


Notes:  For a whole watermenlon, I used less than 1 cup of lemon juice.  Since I was REALLY pushing the watermelon season, my watermelon wasn’t the greatest for eating.  Sweet and ripe but mushy with the granular texture watermelon can get.  That made it very messy to try to slice, but delicious in the dehydrator, so if you have a dehrdrator and you get a watermelon that’s less than perfect, make this!  Also, we kept eating it throughout the whole process (we couldn’t stay away), and found that you can take it from a fruit-leather type consistency all the way through to a crispy, wafer-like crunch.


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