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We all stumble. Do you have the tools you need to get back up?

Recently a lot of people have been asking me questions which basically sum up as, “Are you happy all the time?!”

The answer is no, because

a) I am human

b) I am not Buddha or any other enlightened master (except in the holographic, unitive sense, but we’ll save that for another conversation, lol!

c) and most importantly, living a miraculous life requires practicing acceptance of all our emotions. In other words, we become whole not by removing, denying, or hating aspects of ourselves, but by growing large enough to lightly hold ALL of it.

So I absolutely experience a whole range of emotions in every day.  However, because I practice intentional awareness – I WANT to know what I am feeling — I generally don’t have to go to extremes.  I become aware that I am angry and let it flow or act as necessary eons before I am exploding into a mindless rage.  And this has become easier as my children have grown. ;)

I have been hard at work creating resources to help you move from being stuck in the muck to soaring blissfully and confidently along your journey.  It is precisely because I’ve been there that I am able to create these resources now.

As a teenager I had to figure out how to get from utter despair to social competency.  As a young adult I had to figure out how to meet, and see, and begin to heal, my deepest self.  I had to learn how to drop all my learned defenses enough to love at the soul level, even though to parts of me it felt like the scariest thing ever.  As a mother I had to learn how to give myself over for another, and how to create myself anew when that intensity of connection was no longer needed.  In the last 5 years I had to learn how to apply everything I had learned, holistically and consistently, in order to heal myself of arthritis.

Today I am learning how to hold my alignment with Spirit not only in my familiar routines, but in the face of massive adventure and glorious growth.  The learning never ceases, though inmy expereince the rewards grow exponentially. And absolutely, I stumble.

For instance, I recently deliberately chose to interrupt my  Raw Food experience with a large loaf of bread and a large block of cheese.  Not because of any “bad” feelings!  But because I simply did not know how to channel the level of energy, excitement, and sense of possibility that was coming through. I WANTED to feel less.  I am manifesting very quickly and joyously at this point in my life, and sometimes… at a certain point… in the face of certain triggers… my response is to wish for less, to want to walk away, to wonder if I could just be smaller again.

Well, my answer is, sure… but not for long… not without suffering.  (Pain is about what life presents to you; suffering is about resistance).  It’s just not worth it!

We all “stumble”.  We all get caught in downward cycles of our own out-grown patterns of resistance, guilt, and shame.  Can you get yourself out? Can you maintain your underlying sense that everything is OK, that this will pass, that it’s not the end of the world? Do you know that it is possible to feel momentarily miserable while also Being completely OK?

Or are you recycling for longer periods, telling yourself that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?  If so, I am here to tell you it is much less work, actually, to go get some help around how to hold the good stuff.  Help learning how to be a bigger, stronger container for your own energy.  How to trade a pain body for a joy body.  And eventually, you get to work on the ridiculously fun stuff: How much juicy adventurous magical joy can you handle?  It’s true that our “problems” are potential doorways to new solutions and experiences.  It’s also true that once your “problems” get to this level, life takes on a whole new flavor.  There are still dips and highs and lows, but they are ALL happening at a higher vibration.   Your roller coaster is in the sky rather than the mud.

What kind of a ride are you on, and how would you like to see it change?

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