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What Are Your Transformational Moments?

Have you had a transformational moment? Something that set you going in a new direction, made you aware of a bigger picture, or transformed you so deeply that your life afterwards was noticeably different?

There is a huge wave of awakening on the planet right now. Some people feel that we have created a crisis point of transformation – that as a group, people will either wake up and create a profoundly new way of being in the world, one of personal responsibility and unimaginable co-creation. Or we will destroy our habitat, rendering the Earth incapable of supporting human life. Hmmm.

Do you feel like you fit into that? Do you have a sense that change has speeded up to the point where you no longer have a choice to stay still – – it’s more a feeling of evolve or be crushed?

It is possible to view our current situation with a great amount of fear, or with a tremendous sense of possibility. How do you feel? What experiences have helped bring you to this awareness?

Please share your responses!

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