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What Does Great Energy Healing Feel Like? (So You’ll Know If You’re Getting It)

In today’s blog, I want to share with you the criteria that is most important to me personally:

What Does Great Energy Healing Feel Like?

I get so excited about this I barely know where to start, because energy healing that works is the juice that gets me up in the morning, gets my toes tingling and my heart pounding.  This stuff changes lives in ways you may only have dreamed about.

Real healing makes a difference.

Authentic energy or spiritual healing brings you closer to your Spirit. It reveals to you more of yourself, and empowers you to actually live differently – to heal physically, to choose differently in the interactions that make up your day, to see yourself more fully and compassionately and truly.

If you know what healing feels like, if you know how to recognize some of the hallmarks of deep healing, you’ll be able to evaluate an experience or potential resource more easily.

So here’s my quick, down and dirty, top of my head list of the hallmarks of great healing.  Do you recognize these?  Have you experienced them?  Did you realize this was possible?  Everyone has a slightly different experience, a different way of approaching and entering into their personal process, their sacred inner space.  And yet the feelings of self-revelation, the feelings of personal transformation, are startlingly similar.

1. Great energy healing embraces paradox: it touches your wounds, brings you to the edge of your fears, lets you experience more feeling than you think your body can hold — all while feeling utterly safe and strong.  You break open and you feel stronger.

2. Great energy healing helps you to experience and ride the wave, the life pulse.  You cry and you laugh.  You resist and you surrender.  Breaking someone down to tears and leaving them raw is NOT great healing.  Catharsis and transformation don’t require that you relive your pain over and over.  In the inner world, honesty is the coin of the realm.  The more honest you are with yourself, the farther you can travel. Honesty, check.  Trauma, no.  You take a journey, yet you feel refreshed, inspired, informed, revealed.

3. Great energy healing meets you exactly where you are, from the largest perspective possible. A healer that meets you only at the ego level, or the wound level, isn’t, in my opinion, seeing enough of you to serve as a trustworthy guide into spiritual transformation.  If a healer can’t hold you at the soul level, how are they going to help you navigate through all your fears, resistance, anger, desperation, jealousy, darkness, and pain? If they themselves aren’t intimately familiar with their own dark passions and negative pleasures, what will they do when they meet yours?  How are they going to help you find the deeper insight and the transforming energies for those aspects if they aren’t already in touch with the part of you that has your solutions?  Great healing leaves you feeling deeply seen, helps you see yourself more clearly, and helps you live with your own resistance more kindly.

4. Great energy healing helps you transform your own feelings of self-loathing into self-compassion and opens your heart.  We all have aspects of ourselves that we are so frustrated with, so sick of.  Parts of ourselves that we despair of ever reconciling with.  Great energy healing helps you touch those places and then transform them.  It doesn’t ask you to cut off parts of yourself, to get rid of anything.  It helps you understand and honor those parts until you are able to bring enough energy in to return those twisted patterns, beliefs, and energies to their original positive intent. You feel more self-acceptance, even of your non-acceptance.

5. Great energy or spiritual healing opens your heart. An open heart may feel raw, it may feel vulnerable.  But it will also feel light, inspired, full of possibility.  An open heart is vulnerable, and also powerful in a way no defended heart can ever match.  You feel gratitude.

After a great healing...

6. Great energy healing transforms your experience. Sometimes subtly, eventually profoundly. The whole power of energy healing is that it is capable of addressing issues at the source.  When you can transform the source, you are no longer fighting the endless battle of trying to influence all the infinite ways that source distortion can manifest in your life.  When that source issue resonates a quiet peacefulness, your struggles in that area take on a completely different quality, and you will absolutely be amazed at your ability to create new experiences where before you created the same experience in different dresses, over and over.  You feel physically altered. You feel free.

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  1. Spirit's Gravatar Spirit
    July 26, 2010 at 10:01 pm | Permalink

    This could only have been written by someone who has experienced it. How fortunate you are; and how fortunate we are that you are sharing your experience with us.

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