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Are You Ready To Create A Soulfull Life?

Ever wonder if there’s more to you than what you are letting people see?

Do you feel trapped in a box you can’t get out of, as if the life you’ve created has gotten too small for you?

Have you caught yourself feeling old?

Are you struggling through your daily responsibilities, but inside you feel desperate for some time for yourself, some deep nurturing?

There is more.  You can heal.

You can create a life you are excited to experience every moment of, a life you are grateful for every day.

I know because I have found “more.”

I know because I have healed myself from degenerative arthritis.

I know because I have taken my passion for the creative possibilities that are the essence of all of us, and inspired many others to find the courage to create their own magical life.

For  two decades I have been enjoying my journey and working one-to-one with clients in a variety of ways, from bodywork and counseling to  nutrition and energy healing.  Now, I am so excited to be able to help more people create a life FULL of soul, a life that shines from within and brightens everything it touches.

Please sign up in the box above (you get a free Affirmations Secrets report, my gift to you, just for joining me in the beginning!)  Keep connected as the Soul Spark Community grows, and be the first to receive special access to my life-changing Awaken. Nourish. Soar materials. The coaching programs and workbooks that are coming will make it simple for you to begin transforming your life.

Looking for support right now? Ready for massive change or just want the full personal touch? I still have a few openings for private coaching.  Contact me by phone or email  – I value your time and I’m an expert at what I do.  I can tell you in less than 15 minutes if the techniques I use are the ones that will fast track you to YOUR goals.


Laura[at]  (sorry about the funny syntax there, but my work is most helpful to real people, less so for spam-bots!)

P.S.  I’m sticking this post to the front page for a while.  Looking for the most recent blog entry?  Just scroll down! Thanks for visiting and here’s to your joyful growth     – Laura

Help spread the word!

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