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Contest! 2 days Left to Tell Me Your “Reasons Why Not” and Win Free Coaching.

Lots of people looking but only the very brave Ms. Page has taken action and commented! (Thank you Ms. Page!)

This is your chance – bust those excuses and get amazing coaching FREE.  Yes, I really am that good, but you won’t know it if you don’t step up.  Right now you have about the best odds of WINNING that ever come up, lol, so reach out and share with me.  I read every comment on my blog and I would love to connect with you.

Just so you don’t have to scroll around looking for details, here’s the challenge again, PLUS a personal message from me:

In the comment box below, write a couple short paragraphs telling me YOUR reasons “WHY NOT:”

– Why not move forward?
– Why can’t you devote more time to yourself?  Nurture yourself? Heal?
– What keeps you from acting on those niggling intuitions you keep on the back burner of your psyche?

Joseph Campell says: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.
-So what’s your cave, today?

– What do you say to yourself to convince yourself you’re not ready?
– Not strong enough, thin enough, fat enough, aware enough, rich enough, good enough to step right in and look around?

The top three submissions will win a 30 minute one-on-one laser coaching session with me.
This is your chance — bust those excuses, tell me your reasons why not, and win free coaching to get you moving from false fear to empowered inspiration.

Submissions will be picked based on sincerity, humor, and introspection.

Contest begins today, August 19th and ends Midnight US Mountain Time Sunday August 22!

90 second Personal Message From Laura:

Help spread the word!

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