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Superfood Power Munch

Gogi berries and blueberries are nutrition powerhouses.  Cashews are surprisingly sweet, and I threw in some cacao-covered Brazil nuts because everything’s better with a little chocolate.  Try this combo or mix up your own emergency stash of portable Raw Foods.

1 cup dried  blueberries

1 cup gogi berries

1 cup raw cashews

1/2 cup cacao-covered soaked Brazil nuts, dehydrated

Toss and munch!

P.S.  I meant to post my All Green Salad with Spicy Tahini Dressing recipe tonight… but it was all gone before I remembered to snap a photo of it!  Here’s the recipe anyway – its a great 5 minute salad when you’re just hungry and want healthy greens with a kick.

All Green Salad with Spicy Tahini Dressing

for the salad:

5 cups salad greens mix

1/2 cup bite sized broccoli

1 cup sunflower sprouts

for the dressing:

2/3 cups water

3 TBSP raw tahini

the stalks from your broccoli florets, chopped coarsely

2 TBSP red onion

4 TBSP fresh lemon juice

1 tsp Himalayan salt

1/2 tsp agave nectar, or 1-2 dates

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/8 tsp cayenne

Mix dressing ingredients in a blender and toss with salad.  Tip: Try adding fresh corn cut of the cob in season!

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