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Update 8/8/2010

Do Something Different.

I have been happily trotting around the country, soaking up new experiences.

I took a long weekend in Denver with my husband, where we stayed downtown (very different from my quiet, semi-rural home experience) and saw Lady Gaga at the Pepsi Center.

Wow, what a show!  I literally knew nothing about Lady Gaga beyond hearing her hits here and there, so imagine my surprise when her show was full of passionate messages to be free, be your authentic self.  I especially liked when she shared a personal story with her vary large audience, and ended by telling all these fans “not to leave the concert loving Lady Gaga more; leave this concert determined to love yourself more.’   Now of course Lady Gaga’s message had a lot more “blood accessory”, funk costume and sexual charge than I  am accustomed too, but still I couldn’t help feeling inspired that these crucial messages are being disseminated through the pop culture.

And although for sheer volume I really wished I had brought earplugs, I can also report that Lady Gaga is a truly talented musician.

A few very intense days of work and I now am in Camden, Maine with my family, enjoying an utterly relaxing stay and being completely spoiled (thanks Dad, Geri, dear husband, and somehow-gloriously-wonderful-all-week-kids!!)

I apologize for not being more present online…aside from wonderful fun and relaxation this trip has taught me that my use of modern technology still needs some improving!

I did, however, get a free report up for you — you can grab it right up in the right hand corner there.  Thanks for all your feedback and support — I had a lot of fun putting it together.

Have a fantastic week, and look for my next post August 15th!

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