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What is Energy Healing?

Honestly, I believe the question of “What is Energy Healing” has yet to be answered. It is, as all great questions, one that spans disciplines and deserves books.  Further complicating matters, there are so many modalities and such a range of practitioners currently grouped under the heading of energy healing that a definition would seem impossible.

Nevertheless, here’s a brief overview of my own understanding of Energy Healing.

I believe we are in the very infancy of a transition to paradigms of healing that start from the soul level. Although there are increasing examples to light our way, we are just beginning to explore our profound capacity for radiant, vibrant, joyful health throughout all dimensions of our being.

Our current paradigm focuses on relieving symptoms and returning the physical body to a state of sub-clinical health.  In other words, feeling ok is the goal.  Even feeling average is acceptable, though the media is full of reports about how our average state of physical health is quite abysmal. Often, although you may feel poorly and are in pain, if your physical, biochemical markers fall within current definitions of “average”, that is also defined as “well.”  You are well if you are not sick.

I am much more interested in a definition of health that embraces true wellness rather than “not-physically-or-psychologically-sick”.

You are well if you are vibrantly, joyfully, and peacefully experiencing this moment.  You are well when your body, mind, soul and emotions are able to express your true, undivided nature.  In this sense, you are continually journeying towards the creation of greater well-being.  You are never arriving because you are always creatively exploring greater conscious allowing of your innate radiance.

I am well aware that in world full of pain and suffering it takes a leap of faith to begin to imagine that you can choose such an experience. That is why this work is often called spiritual healing.  You cannot approach healing from the soul level without encountering questions of faith, transformation, and the nature of your own Source.  You cannot work with the soul without inviting in the mystical language and experiences of the soul.

I obviously think this is a fascinating question, because I have spent most of my life exploring it.  Why do people get sick?  How do they heal?  What works?

At this point in my life there are two things I believe without any doubt.

There is a path to healing for everyone. EVERYONE.

For me, energy healing works better than anything else I have found, because it is the modality that works most directly with the source of a problem.

Modern quantum physics teaches us that everything is energy. That physical manifestation is energy held more densely, relatively speaking, in a more static pattern.  But the closer you look, the more space you find.  The deeper you look, the further you travel looking for Source, the more movement you find.  More potential.  Entire, mysterious, fields of potential.

Here’s something fun: Google quantum physics + God.

So affect this energetic level, and you find your reality shifts.  Your physical manifestation shifts.  Your speed of creation shifts.  Your potential responses shift.

You experience transformation.

So here’s my offering to you, my current working definition of energy healing.  Got improvements?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Energy Healing is a set of modalities, including internal inquiry and restructuring of subtle energies, that seek to excavate the authentic Self, the center of your conscious and unconscious experience, for the purpose of allowing a clearer expression of your own innate, loving, radiant vitality.

Still not sure what I’m talking about?  Up next: Energy Healing as I practice it.

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