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What is Energy Healing? Or: Energy Healing the Way I Practice It.

What is Energy or Spiritual Healing?

Energy healing as I practice it is healing which seeks the subtle energetic source of dis-ease, dysfunction, or negative attachment anywhere in the body-mind-spirit totality.

First, a metaphor.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Same sh*t, different day?”

Energy healing takes that sh*t and unwinds it back to the glorious potential of a new seedling.

Everything that eventually comes out your back end with a smell, started out a growing, thriving seed of potential, literally. Whatever you eat: plants, animals eating plants, animals eating plant-eating-animals, maybe a factory or two in between to process it all into colorful packages… it started out a seed of living potential.  So much growth and nourishment and new life.  Eventually, sh*t.

In nature, the recycling process moves along smoothly, and the sh*t naturally nourishes new seedlings.

But people get attached. They get scared, defensive, protective, and confused. They let the sh*t pile up.  They forget to move with the life pulse and they forget who they are.  They believe their own pain.  They buy their own sh*t.

So, energy healing releases pain (sh*t) and increases the ability to consciously choose loving-kindness.

Energy healing takes your sh*t and helps you remember your life.

Energy healing works over time, at the client’s own pace, to heal the SOURCE of disease and pathology so that energy which was used for defense, for false constructs, for manifesting of disease, is now freed for use in healing, laughing, creating higher-vibration constructs.

Working at the soul or Spirit level, energy healing returns static, patterned energy back to its original creative and positively intended flow.

In other words, I help clients transform patterns that no longer serve them.  In the process, the client frees vast energies for their new creations.

Sh*t to seeds.

What are you ready to transform?

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