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Do You Have a Peace Corner and A Trust Fund?

There are two foundations that I find invaluable to practice in your life:

A Peace Corner and A Trust Fund.

Peace Corner

This is a picture of the literal Peace Corner in my son’s first grade class.  A small table by a sunlit window in a corner of the room contains these essential elements:

– a reminder of the space’s purpose (the peace symbol)

– life force energy (the green plant)

-instructions simple enough to remember in crisis:

Breathe. Expand your perspective. Love. Release.

These first graders are blessed to have a teacher who teaches peace (thank you, Kevin!); who recognizes it as worth making actual physical space for.  It’s worth making space for inside yourself as well.  For those moments when all your skills go out the window and you want to tear your hair out, or cry, or hide from what you are faced with, or blame (gasp!) your kids/mate/job… it is incredibly helpful to have a habit of going to your peace corner.

You can teach yourself a habit of going to your center when you swing out of orbit, just as Kevin teaches these sweet little ones that when you are raging at your friend, you go sit by the sun and the plant.  You take three deep breathes. You listen to each side of the story, internal or external. (And it is a story: we always see through our own filter. We can shift that filter by bringing our greater awareness into play). You make the effort to understand your friends (or your own) feelings. You engage your intent to forgive.

For the Peace Corner to work its full magic, you also need a Trust Fund.

Trust Fund

Not money in the bank, as fun as that is.  Trust that, when things are not at all ok in this exact moment from this exact perspective, they are still deeply ok.

It will work out.

It will be ok.

It is, in ways we may not be able to access at the moment, really ok right now.

If you have been nourishing your Trust Fund, you will find it easier to go to your Peace Corner, and you will quickly come back into alignment with the flow of your true well-being.  If you practice going to your center — your Peace Corner — when you loose that sense of well-being, your Trust that well-being is indeed always there waiting for your alignment also strengthens.

A Peace Corner + A Trust Fund = A Strong Foundation.

You can develop a strong foundation.  And the stronger your foundation, the higher into the sky you can reach.

I value your comments, plus I have more fun blogging with feedback.  So go ahead, post your comments, your feelings, your question, your joke. I read them all!

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