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How Much Good Can You Let Into Your Life?

There is a secret challenge to putting your spiritual journey on the fast track that no one is talking about.

The core of your Being is a glorious well-spring of meaningful guidance, purpose, and radiant vitality.  As you face your shadow, align your intent, and learn to consciously connect to that Source, your life changes.

As you release your resistance to that change and connect even more deeply, what you have been waiting for happens.

The work is real. Open your connection: Joy flows in.

Your natural state of being upwells in you.  You feel waves of loving compassion.  You feel bliss. You feel inspired, confident, and full of clarity and vitality.

It’s worth practicing!  Truely, I am passionate about getting you unstuck, because I know the struggle is worth it. The journey itself is a source of immense wonder and satisfaction.  Look deep, face fear, release, practice new beliefs and habits.  Paradonxically simple and intricate, there are concrete steps you can take to allow yourself to hold higher frequencies and create more consciously.

Then comes the experience, the “payoff”: your intention, your work, is met by Grace, and your whole world shifts into high gear. You feel like there’s hope after all; all of this is real, and you know you’re going to make it, easily and joyously.  It’s better than you imagine.

And you probably can’t handle it.

Sometimes, after all that practice, after struggling to make higer frequency choices, after releasing your pain and your suffering and saying a huge cosmic YES!!! to your inner brilliance… you find standing in the light of your own brilliance too much to allow.

It seems like a joke, doesn’t it? One minute you are on top of the world, expanded and bright, and the next a small little voice from somewhere in your older, habituated ego is saying, “psst..who are you to have that? Who are you to be so bright? Do you really think this is real?  I bet you can’t sustain this.  Psst, you are afraid…”

And you pull into yourself.  Maybe you go eat some pizza.  Maybe you turn way from the dream in subtle ways, maybe in big ways.

Congratulations, you’re human! I don’t find people talking much about how hard the experience of transformation, of spiritual growth, can feel as you’re going through it.  People talk a lot about how they don’t care.  Then thay talk a lot about how they care and everything is better.

And it IS “better”… more alive really does feel better to us than less alive… but it can also be diffficult for exactly that same reason.  More alive is more aware, more sesnitive.  You feel your real feelings more.  You experience the contrasts in your relationship with more clarity.  Even smells and other sensory experiences are enhanced.

Have you experienced this? If so, you are not alone, you didn’t fail, and you can find your way back.  Like anything else, it’s practice.  The more you meet up with your boundaries, the more farmiliar you become.  Not only with the boundary itself, but with the sensation of allowing yourself to exceed that illusionary definition of who you are, what you are capable of being.

You are magnificent.  You are capable of being your Self – a light of infinite brilliance.

Can’t quite believe that today?

It’s ok.  It’s worth practicing!

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  1. Saundie's Gravatar Saundie
    September 16, 2010 at 2:22 am | Permalink

    Thanks Laura, the perfect words for me today! xxx

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