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Salad Salads

“Salad” on a raw food diet is a lot like Love… there are endless ways to experience it and they’re all good!  This isn’t exactly a recipe, but I’m posting it in response to a question I get a lot: “Don’t you get tired of salads?”

No, I really don’t get tired of eating them.  I am always discovering some yummy new combination.  And if “salad” means a combination of vegetables…well, the options are almost endless!  If you are still eating some romaine lettuce with some bottled dressing, maybe a tomatoe and some croutons, you have a whole new world of flavor and texture to explore!

Here’s an example of what I mean… Succeeding on Living Foods for me (I like to expereiment, I love food!) means whipping up interesting combinations as I find them, or as the garden forces me to inspiration with it’s seasonal abundance.  Then lunch is often: open the fridge, throw a couple of these creations on some greens, and you have a salad made up of salads.  Yummy, complex, always different.

Get inspired! Create a masterpiece! It’s just as fun as making and decorating cupcakes, a lot quicker, and every cell in your body will thank you.

Today’s creation is arugula and mustard greens topped with guacamole, cucumber red onion dill salad, carrot corn salad, and a tasty macadamia-red pepper “cracker”.  Yum!

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