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To Release Pain, First Release Suffering.

So I met a man on the top of a mountain yesterday. (Hi Dave! Thanks for being such engaging and easy company.  Hope you made it down before the thunderstorm!)

He shared new insights about the vista I get to look at often from the top of that mountain, so now every time I go up I am richer. I “see more” “” even though the streets, land holdings, and houses were always there; they were secret, formless, until Dave’s knowledge shifted my perception.

Spiritual growth is like that. We are not trying to “get” anywhere, or anything.  We are trying to open our eyes to what is always right there.  When you “see” a new piece, you are transformed.  Right there where you are, in your same body, in your same life, with new perspective.

Dave also mentioned a woman he’d admired, who had been severely burned (I think in a car crash?) and went on to share publicly how that event transformed her life.  How her crisis of dealing with agonizing pain opened up doors for her, new skills and perspectives and information.  Now she shares with others how to handle pain.  She shares that events, even catastrophes, can have meaning and be transformative.

For me, this was a wonderful reminder.

Pain seems to be a part of life.  Increasingly, however, I have come to believe that suffering is optional. Please, I mean no disrespect to all of us, all the ways we can hurt and be hurt, all the crimes we commit against ourselves and others.  I don’t mean to say that there isn’t any suffering in the world.  But I DO want to affirm that suffering can be released.  It can be transformed by a new perspective, by finding meaning and value in our experience, by LOOKING for the Spirit within our pain.

And somehow, in doing this, it is possible to experience gratitude where once there was suffering.  It is possible to actually experience the pain itself differently.

I have found this to be true.

What do you think?

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