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It’s important to really acknowledge and celebrate your progress, changes, successes, and achievements.

Wow, wow, wow.

A lot of seedlings are bearing fruit this week, and I am reveling in the abundance and fun of it all.

My THRIVE! 6 Week Virtual Workshop Series begins December 7th. I haven’t begun the official marketing launch for it yet and ALREADY the response has been wonderful! I am so excited to share this unique and life-changing information.

THRIVE! isn’t a diet or another list of things you must or musn’t do.  It’s a powerful solution to creating a life-long relationship with food that works, for you.  If you’re interested in finding out how create your food transformation vision, uncover the REAL roadblocks that have been holding you back, and gain clarity, energy, and connection, you are going to LOVE THRIVE!  Make sure you are on my mailing list so you can get all the info (plus special incentives and bonuses that ONLY my awesome list will have access to!)


…I just got back from a fabulous workshop that offered a high-priced VIP ticket.  I’m pretty awesome about my budget, so I declined the offer, but I remember thinking to myself, “I AM VIP – what a great expereince this is going to be!”

…And would you believe that a lovely participant came up to me and offered me her GORGEOUS VIP satchel and goodies? (After the jaw drop and the blush, I happily accepted.)  This is the power of resonating fully with your beliefs!

…I’ve been holding space for a while now for my husband and me to be able to move into a new paradigm with our related, but previously separate, businesses.  And in the past week, whole new worlds of possibility have dropped into our laps.  Can you even begin to imagine the connection, excitement, confidence, and gratitude we are experiencing right now?  I’d say it’s like falling in love all over again, except we’ve never fallen out…

…I was nervous about leaving my children for 5 days, but put all the practical pieces together and kept clear intention… maybe too clear… the sitter said everything was “easy sailing” and the kids had a blast; as well as baths, homework, chores, and structured bedtimes.  Huh – guess I’m ready to plan the next trip!

Decide today is great.  Write back and tell me about it!

Help spread the word!

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