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Do Something Soul-Nourishing to Increase Your Love Vibration

Recipe for Soul Renewal: Adventure beyond your daily life to discover more of what you love.  Then be conscious of yourself loving.

Hi Everyone!  I am just now back from several days camping and then attending a yoga retreat at the incredibly lovely and remote Pine Butte Guest  Ranch.  The ranch is owned by the Nature Conservancy and is on the Eastern Front of the Rocky Mountains – a truly spectacular landscape that is still very close to fully wild.

In the past week I have enjoyed a fabulous talent show, more than 36 hours of silence, community, new friendship, a deeper connection to nature, a lesson on wild edibles and the ecology of the Eastern Front, deeply kind yoga instruction, and an unexpected level of nurturing around food.

Since I began transitioning to a living foods diet, I have prepared my own food or eaten foods I loved but which caused me to have physical responses I did not care for.  At the Pine Butte Ranch, the cook prepared absolutely divine vegan and raw food meals for me quite unexpectedly – I had come prepared to care for myself in the food department.


I LOVE being nourished in this way. And I have a LOT to learn about the possibilities for gourmet vegan delights.

I also LOVE hiking in remote areas with naturalists who have seemingly endless knowledge about the world around them.  In addition to a great deal I don’t fully remember (no fault to Jeff and Nikki – thank you so much!), I learned to identify and eat: bear berry, juniper berry, chokecherry, wild strawberry, sticky fairy berries, and wild mint.  All this while enjoying the most amazing show of fall color, ancient organisms,  and the incredible geologic effects of limestone formation, plate techtonics, and glaciation. (Read: I was hiking in the Rockies above 6000 feet on a GLORIOUS fall day!)

None of this could have happened if I had stopped when the first retreat I looked at 8 months ago was thousands of dollars. Or if I had insisted that what I wanted must manifest RIGHT NOW.

Instead, I set the intention that I was looking for ways to connect with like-minded spirits.  I intended a break for myself.  I intended a balancing pause between what I feel I must do and what I long to do (which changes rather dramatically the perspective on what I must do!).  I intended that it work for my family and my budget and my schedule.

And a small green card appeared, telling of an intimate retreat with locals, far from my everyday life but within driving distance, for cheap! I booked it 5 months in advance and set about making it happen .

And I must tell you that this is my daily experience:

  1. I release resistance to the possibility of what I want being all at once possible, good for me, and good for others.
  2. I set a clear intention and stay consciously open to possibilities (so that I can recognize them when they come!)
  3. I start working on achieving what I can see is within my sphere of control (ie, setting up childcare)
  4. Grace steps in and arranges miracles.
  5. I am transformed.

In this case, childcare was graciously arranged, the accommodations  were luxurious, the weather spectacular, the food truly divine, the teacher masterful, and the people remarkable.

I believe that time to reflect is valuable.  I believe that retreat and rest are as important as achievement and results.  I believe that adventure is good for my sprit; enjoyable for its own sake, and also valuable for the treasures I uncover along the way.  I LOVE this.  I LOVE.  I experience myself LOVING.  And I am better for it.

When you care for yourself, you give yourself the experience of being loved and nurtured.  When you make a habit of caring for yourself, your trust in yourself as the adult in your own life deepens.  Your ability to love deepens.  Your endurance and stamina for deeper adventures strengthen.  You become a strong enough vessel for the infinite joy and well-being of your soul to pour into.

If you are reading this, you are an adult. Take care of yourself. Nurture Yourself.  Nourish your Soul – make space for what you are longing for and trust that there is a path for you.  Do it gently.  Practice it.

Watch your wings unfurl!

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4 Comments to Do Something Soul-Nourishing to Increase Your Love Vibration

  1. Saundie's Gravatar Saundie
    October 1, 2010 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    WOW Laura! I love every word of this post! I want to say loudly with my arms outstretched “YES, YES, YES”. I love the sound of where you were – the hiking, the food, the foraging. I wonder what those sticky fairy berries are and what they taste like. I love foraging and have had frocken, wild mushrooms, fuschia berries(?) and wild blackberries on my last two hikes. Thank you for this uplifting and inspiring post :))

  2. Faye's Gravatar Faye
    October 6, 2010 at 6:08 pm | Permalink

    Laura, that all sounds so wonderful! Thank you for sharing your experience, and for your wise & gentle coaching.

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