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Do You Hate Your Job?

There’s no such thing as work/home separation.

Separation and resistance keep you stuck and tired.  The solution is to bring more of yourself, not less. Your sacred, positive attention is the key to releasing victim mentality and bringing either real change or the grace of Spiritual Endurance into your life.

Do you have an aspect of your life you find really unpleasant?

For many people, there is a lot of negativity around their job.  You may dislike your co-workers, your boss, your surroundings, your workload.  It may be the monotony of your tasks or the stress of your constantly changing workload. Sometimes, the job may be “fine” – but you hate it because you so strongly wish you were doing something else.

So you carry on.  You are responsible.  You stick with it.  Better to have something than nothing. People are counting on you. What else would you do? It’s a rough economy.

Problem #1:
You carry yourself with you into all aspects of your life.

So if you have strong negativity about any aspect of your experience, it will “spill over” into your home, your relationships, your spirituality, your health.

You can’t separate parts of your day into  “this is me” and “this is not me.”  When you try, what actually happens is you feel less alive.  You are very literally withdrawing your life-force energy from the segments of your life you “hate”.  And you experience a dullness, a loss of vitality, as a result.

Practice this long enough and you become sick, exhausted, and uninspired.

Problem # 2:
You get confused about the difference between Endurance and Resistance.

Resistance blocks your progress.

When you feed resistance, you block your own progress.  You focus on all the reasons (excuses)  that you can not move forward. You attribute your situation to forces outside yourself:

My boss doesn’t value me.

My co-workers are lazy.

No one can get a job in this economy.

Life is hard.

People are mean.

or you accept your mythology as a victim:

I’m too sick to get a better job.

I can’t do anything else.

If I wasn’t so _____, then I’d have a great job.

Resistance keeps you stuck.

Endurance is a spiritual state of being.

Endurance releases entitlement, victim mentality, and excuses.  It embodies a state of trust.  Trust that there is a bigger picture. Trust that  even when understanding is lacking, where there is life force energy there is meaning. Endurance supports the full power of your being, while surrendering to what is here now:

Right Now, I am here.

Every moment is New.

This is painful.  What can I learn from this?

I know that “good” and “bad” has a lot to do with the lense I am looking through. I’ve read stories of the human spirit triumphing and finding beauty in even the most horrible of situations.  (smile – my situation isn’t as bad as that!)  What can I find to enjoy in this moment?

Endurance acknowledges internal choice, which supports the truth of your Being as a powerful creator:

This job pays my bills.

I choose to be here now, because _______.

If I give this my full attention (my life force energy), change is inevitable.

Endurance deepens your spiritual and psychological integration.

An athlete focused on a goal held passionately in their heart endures arduous training under unpleasant circumstance to become stronger and more skilled.

When you choose to endure your current circumstances with similar focus and heart; when you surrender the demand for instant gratification while continuing to focus on your goodness, your creativity, and your strength; when you imagine that you are here, right now, for a reason and that you can learn and grow from exactly right here…

You have activated spiritual endurance.

Endurance brings you deeper.

Solution: Dive In.

This is your life.  You are living what is.

You can spend your energy defending against it, wishing it were different, blaming yourself, and feeding your fear.

Or you can notice your resistance, and, where you notice, dive in.  Bring MORE of yourself to the moment.  Bring your attention fiercely to witness: feel your whole body.  Notice your thoughts.  Question your lense.


Choose to bring yourself to a place of calm and positive focus, rather than allowing yourself to let the negative mind-tape keep running.

Reach for a different tape – one that makes you feel better.  Do it again.

You will find that where before you felt stuck and powerless, with practice one of two things happens:

1. Your experience of your situation changes.  When you flood your life with your abundant life force energy, you will naturally find enjoyment and meaning where before you found boredom, fatigue, and loneliness.

2. You will see the step you need to take to change your situation much more clearly, and feel the energy and support to be able to take it.

If you find yourself hating an aspect of your life, separating from it or resisting it feeds the hate.

Dive in and you will find Spiritual Endurance or your path to empowered change.

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