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Who Gets to Live the Good Life?

Do you get what you Deserve, or do you get what you Allow? Or is it just Luck?

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A couple converstaions today got me really thinking about this.

I strongly believe that you get as much good as you allow into your life.  Most of us have a lot of unconscious to conscious-but-unexamined beliefs which limit us.

We tend to accept these beliefs without question for 2 reasons:

  • we tend to attract expereinces that resonate with our beliefs.
  • more importantly, we tend to interpret experiences through the lense of our beliefs.

In other words, we mostly see what we’re looking for.

Believing that you are stuck and have no control over what happens to you doesn’t feel very good.  And yet, the concept that we are really not in control of very much does seem to keep appearing. ;)

Believing that we get exactly as much “good” as we allow ourselves leads itself to some pretty radical ideas, and some deeply troubling spiritual paradoxes. Because although this is wonderful and empowering to hear in an exciting, supportive workshop, it is generally deeply offensive to anyone who has experienced atrocity.

What do you think?

How do you explain to yourself the good in your life? What do you tell yourself about the bad in your life? Does your life change if the script in your head changes? Add a comment here, or join in the discussion on facebook:

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