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Decision Making 101

How do you make the best solution-creating decisons? The first step is making sure you address the right problem.

You want to be healthy, happy, and loved.  Every one of us puts a great deal of time and energy into the things that we feel are most important in finding, achieving, or keeping these states of being.

And yet you may feel on occasion a sense of frustration and even desparation underneath all the effort, because for all you put in, it still seems you are not getting out what you want.

Are you trying to solve the wrong problem?

You would be amazed how often this happens.

What if you are putting your energy into trying to loose weight when your problem is self-confidence?

What if you are putting energy into finding Mr. or Mrs. Right when your problem is self-acceptance?

What if you are pursuing job advancement when your problem is a lack of spritual connection?

What if you are pursuing spiritual connection when your problem is a lack of practical resources?

On one level, it doesn’t matter what you choose to focus on — it’s all wonderful, it’s all you, and it will all help you to clarify what you do want as you experience the frustration and resistance of what you don’t want.

Yet there is a question of efficiency here. I can tell you that it is much more fun to put your energy into addressing the most important challenge for you in this moment.  When you do so, you are bringing attention closer to the source of your experience, and as you shift the energy of that source vibration, your entire experience gets the positive ripple effect. You feel the serendipity, the happy coincidence, the feeling that the world itself supports you.

How do you know if  you are focusing too much of your powerful effort on what is actually a distraction, a surface issue, or an effect of your deeper challenge rather than the challenge itself?

You feel overwhelmed.  You feel like no matter what you do your best-case scenario remains far out of reach. You may even feel like the more attention and energy you invest the worse things get. You struggle to be cheerful when underneath you stand on the edge of hopelessness.  You soldier on and underneath you crave rest.


Finding the Real Problem: Efficient Soul-Informed Decision Making

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