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Decisions Aren’t Complete Until You Act On Them

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” -Chinese proverb

If you let what happens to you in your life dictate your actions, you will be caught in a short-sighted cycle of responding – often uncomsciously — rather than creating with intention.

You want to create with intention because:

  • that’s where the juice is
  • achieving your dreams is much more fun than than pining after them
  • it’s why you’re here

So now that you’ve taken a step back and made sure that you are going after a real challenge and not just the latest distraction to demand your attention, your next move is to do something. (See Decision Making 101 and Finding The Real Problem: Efficient Soul-Informed Decision Making for previous posts on finding the real challenge.)

I am a big fan of plans, lists, schedules, budgets, and “bumper bowling” — putting strong support in place so that you can’t fall off track completly.

I also see a lot of clients who use planning, list making, and information gathering as a way to put off decisive action.

Strengthening your soul connection is the best way to incrrease your power of decisive action, because once that connection is really solid you realize:

  • You get to go for what you want.
  • There’s no such thing as failure.
    • I personally fall on my face quite a bit! Because I have had great mentors who taught me how to learn from what I don’t want while always going for what I do want, I now expereince every close-up with the pavement as valuable information about how to fly higher.
  • The love, joy, and happiness you create is real.
  • Although it gives you valuable feedback, Fear is a trickster.  You learn to recognize the deeper message of Fear in your life while also learning to ignore the surface tape —  the words or outcome Fear tries to tell you — this is illusion.
  • You are a powerful creator supported by an abundant universe.

Right now, stop for moment and imagine that you are already fully living the list above. You are deeply connected to your Source, and thus feel completely safe. Like the old question, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail”?

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Let your heart be full. Take action. Allow yourself to be whole and supported. Take action. Feel your longing and then know that it is your spiritual path calling you — you get to have that! Take action.

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