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Essential Tool for Success: Plan For Rest

You schedule in work. You brush your teeth habitually.  Do you have support in place for rest?

When you need to stop, do you?

I recently started working with a fabulous lady,  Siene Allen, to improve my fitness.  I was impressed by her knowledge, expert skills, integrity, motivation, and compassion.  I hired her because she understands my weak spots.

Most people, when they work with a mentor or coach, like to work on their strengths.  It’s pleasing to the ego, and you get the illusion of getting off to a fast start. I’ve certainly taken that approach in the past.

Being willing to work on you weakest aspects is more challenging.

Ms. Allen worked my weak spots so effectively that I unexpectedly found myself in process.  The concentrated focus on the parts of my body I am least connected to; the deep intentional awareness of those parts… well, bringing awareness and energy to unconscious aspects of ourselves is the very process of transformation. It works whether you are addressing your psychology, your biology, or your environment.

So here I am, wiped out, wanting to hide in my cave with a good book, physically sore and emotionally challenged.

So I stopped. I have the same 24 hours in a day that you do, a family to raise, a household to run, and a business I love that has its own deadlines and commitments.

But I also have systems of support in place.  I have ways to let my family know I need some extra care, people to help out with the essential tasks of the day, and personal rituals that soothe and comfort me when I’m feeling vulnerable. I activated them all, and I rested.

Less than 24 hours later, I am back on top of the world, energized, excited, and inspired.  Motivated. Rested. I feel nurtured and I have deepened my trust in myself, my sense of security that I am the adult in my own life and I will meet my needs.

In many ways, deepening your spiritual connection and your experience of safety and abundance in all areas of your life is the journey of embracing this sense that you are your own adult.  Over time and with practice, you notice the places where you self-betray, and you choose to stop. You choose to honor your needs with compassion, deep self-love, and responsibility.

It took me a long time to learn to stop when tired.  To learn to rest rather than chug a 4th coffee.  To learn to honor contraction as a vital, beloved part of the process, rather than something to be skipped over in an addictive chase for expansion.

There is enough time.  There is enough support, money, resources, love, and patience. Set it up for yourself.  Honor yourself that much. Take care of yourself.

You don’t have to wait until you are sick.  You don’t have to secretly embrace whatever crisis you feel gives you permission to stop and accept help.  You can give it to yourself.

  • How could you let those around you know that you gently require quiet time?
  • How could you set up systems so that those essential things that must be done can be covered by someone else?
  • What can you let go of for now, trusting that taking time to rejuvenate is much more productive than slugging through without pause?
  • How can you support yourself in feeling nurtured, cared for, and safe?

Please leave me your comments, your successes, your challenges.  If there were a single gift I could give everyone, it would be this, the ability to rest when tired. This single skill — and it is a skill — can change your life.


P.S. Missoula Local?  Looking for massage therapist or personal trainer who rocks? Check out Siene Allen!

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