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Excerpt from Personal Finance Daily: Even Financial Newsletters Are Talking Greens

Greens are good for you.  I usually find that my clients don’t realize how deeply, profoundly good for you they are… but this excerpt by Angela Coombes for Personal Finance Daily  proves me wrong.  You all do know greens work miracles!

There’s nothing quite as funny as human beings trying to justify their less-than-angelic behavior. Take food. We can all distinguish between the good food “” vegetables, fruit, most things green “” and bad “” fried and fatty comestibles. But when asked to compare the caloric content of a hamburger-plus-salad dinner, with that of a hamburger by itself, people say the dinner with the salad has fewer calories, according to a new study.

Yes, adding food to a meal can reduce the calories. Who knew?

Apparently, we tend to allow the sheen of the “greens” improve an entire meal. Read our story for more on the mistakes calorie-counters make, and don’t miss Jennifer Waters’s Consumer Confidential column to find out why paying cash at the register is going to help you in the weight-loss department.

Jennifer Water’s Full Article here:

Jennifer’s article basically says that consumers buy junk food on impulse, and using plastic to pay increases this trend. To eat healthy, it helps to have a plan.

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