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Feeling Weighed Down by STUFF??

Your world reflects who you are back to you.

Are you holding on to “stuff” which no longer serves you, and thus seeing reflections of your old self everywhere?

We have painters coming tomorrow to paint the entire inside of our house, something we should reasonably have done when we moved in over 6 years ago.

Repainting a house stuffed full of all the debris of living our busy lives with our growing children… next time I’ll remember to paint the house while it’s empty!

The imminent deadline has, however, finally brought us to action.  We are taking everything off the walls. In the process, a great deal of organization, de-cluttering, and re-designing that we have been mulling about for years… yes, years… is finally getting done.

Today, as I pulled down all the charts, notes, goals and lists that cover my office walls, I kept finding older items underneath.  I was struck by what this said about my consciousness at the time — I never removed the old goal, just taped the new one right on top.

The process of claiming what matches my current energy and consciously releasing  what does not was lovely.  Peaceful.  Insightful. Calming-yet-energizing. ‘This item is still my Work right now.  Ah, look, I remember when that was Primary… that is no longer my Now, my energy.  I have closure with that piece, I release the last of that energy.’

Whatever you hold on to, whether it be people, goals, or material items, you are energetically connected to. Often people remain connected to things they no longer actually have in their possession.

That connection takes energy to maintain, and more importantly, it tends to resonate at the vibration it was created from.

So, if you don’t make time (or, as I like to, force these projects on yourself periodically!) to clear, release, close, or upgrade those connections, you wind up with a lot of your energy living the past.  You know this is the case when you have made great strides in some aspect of your experience and yet… the same situations keep coming up.

It’s worth getting to know what your patterns are.

Do you skip goodbyes?  When I graduated college, (how did that get to be DECADES ago??!?) I was all about what was next.  It took me a number of years to see that my tendency to be always looking forward, while visionary and optimistic, also had the flip side of denying closure.  I never really, completely, cleanly finished things.  I got ’em mostly done and moved on.

Or maybe you tend to hoard.  You never know when you’ll need it, or your kids could use it, or you liked it when you bought it, or you’d happily get rid of it if someone would only pay you for it.

As a young person growing up in today’s culture, the urge to acquire stuff is so pervasive.  We want the trappings of adulthood, of our friends, of concepts like luxury and wealth.

And then, faster than a blink, I think many people wind up where I find myself now.  Looking around, wondering where in the world all this STUFF came from.  You feel the weight of stuffed drawers and closets full of things you can’t even see the bottom of and exercise equipment you once had to have.

And of course, that doesn’t stop the wanting.  No matter what you have, there is something else you want. Many people feel guilty about this, which is not the right perspective at all.

We are hard-wired to want.

Enjoy the want. Feel the longing. What you want, if you allow it, can pull you forward into the very flow of your own Well-Being.

It is when we forget that the pleasure is in the discovering of the wanting itself, and in the trusting of meaningful abundance, that we get in to trouble.  We suffer when we believe that the having is better than the wanting.

So, if you are feeling weighed down by stuff, if you have clutter in your environment where you would prefer more emptiness — more room for new possibility — let it go.

If you have to, schedule something that makes you take time to sort, release and say goodbye. Get someone to help you.  And for goodness sake, take it one drawer, one wall, one memory at a time.  No one enjoys the thought of clearing a whole house.  Fortunately, no one clears a whole house all at once — you do it moment by moment, item by item.  You can relax and start where it is easiest to start. It can be easy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by stuff, you already have proof in front of you of abundance.  And if you feel weighed down by your stuff, you have already increased your vibration to a higher understanding of abundance.

Abundance is no longer 3 drawers full of makeup. Abundance is 3 friends who see your heart truly and reflect back to you your own great capacity for abundant love.

GIve yourself the gift of closure, of releasing anything that no longer serves your current wanting, and you make room in your world for a truer reflection of your Self.

What item, corner, or relationship in your life is a constant source irritation? Where are you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or weighed down?  What is calling to you for an upgrade, release, or re-design?

Let me know what you cleared and how you feel!

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