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Finding the Real Problem: Efficient Soul-Informed Decision Making

How do you move closer to a source challenge (The real problem)?

You’ll need three pieces of paper and something to write with.

In the first piece of paper, write down the challenge you are currently, right now, spending the most mental energy/time thinking about, trying to make different, or worrying about.  List 1 (ONE!) action you think would be most helpful.

Every challenge you feel is a gift.  It is an invitation to take a spiritual journey inward, where you will find the inspiration and self-knowledge you need to journey back out of sacred time and into mundane time. With your new insight, you take action in your world that is informed by the sacred.  You take action that has meaning, and depth, and purpose, and soul. When this becomes your habit, you will adore the life you create for yourself.

  1. Take a break.  Pause, stop chasing, striving.  Consciously take a break form focusing on the lack of something.
  2. Give your body 60 seconds of undivided attention.  Bring your awareness into your own body.  Feel your own insides. Feel your own edges.  Be intensely curious about what is here.  What are you aware of?  Where do you lose focus? Look for your “blind spots” – where in your body are you less aware?
  3. Now do this exercise.  Right now, pull out your second piece of paper.
    1. Across the top, write “Problem” on the left, and “Desire” on the right.
    2. Draw a line down the middle.
    3. Underneath “Problem”, list every problem or challenge you can think of.  Go crazy.  Here’s your chance to whine and take pleasure in wallowing.  If it bothers you, if you spend energy on it, list it here.
    4. In the “Desire” column on the right, find the contrasting positive desire or intention that corresponds with each problem. Keep writing until you find the psoive desire that clicks for you, that feel the conection to.  For the duration of this exercise, try to put away any feelings of lack, and focus on allowing yourself to feel the energy , to actually allow that desire to manifest for you. For example:
      1. If the problem is back pain, the desire may be: to be pain free, radiant, full of energy, able to have ease in my physical life and no “pushing” in my energy flow.
      2. If the problem is no boyfriend/girlfriend, the desire may be: to feel cherished. To be the Beloved. To be valued.
      3. If the problem is not enough money for rent, the desire may be: to feel secure. To have enough for ALL my needs. To be safe and free from fear.
    5. Take the time to find the positive desire for each problem.
    6. Look over your list of desires.  What is the one, BIG, over-arching desire that runs through them all?  What is the theme you can see in this list?  If you had to communicate all of those desires into ONE sentence, what would it be?
  4. Say that one, big desire sentence out loud to yourself. Imagine for a moment that you are embodying that intention in your life. You have that big desire fully manifested in your life.  Feel it, taste it, let it sink into your body.

What one action could you take to bring more of this energy into your life? Write it down on your third piece of paper.

Is that action different from what you wrote on your first piece of paper?  Does it have a different feel?  Are you thinking about your problem/challenge differently? Do you feel different?

Congratulations! You are that much closer to solving the Real Problem!

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1 Comment to Finding the Real Problem: Efficient Soul-Informed Decision Making

  1. Maryann Beck's Gravatar Maryann Beck
    November 4, 2010 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

    How wonderful to find you again…and to read your wisdom. This exercise was particularly helpful.

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