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Reclaim Your Divine Vision

What have you not allowed to be true for yourself?

If you are like me, there are many layers of blocks and limiting beliefs. If you don’t have much experience with transforming limiting beliefs, I want to tell you that it is FUN.  The work is worth it.

What if…

Instead of believing that the rug could be ripped out from beneath you…
You believe you pull everything in your experience to you for a reason.

Instead of believing you are not enough to (fill in the blank “” get the job, the love, the success) …
You believe it is impossible for you to want something without the potential for it’s true manifestation to exist.

Instead of believing that your desires are wrong, greedy, or hopeless…
You believe they are signposts on your Spiritual Path.

Instead of believing that you are alone…
You believe that you are constantly guided.

I can tell you from experience that your life would transform for the better till your very bones wriggle with joy.

But if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that there is always more. Spiritual growth doesn’t stop. Discovering the Self and expanding my ability to respond to What Is, fully and joyfully, without attachment, never ends.

So I have a question for you.

Did you ever have dreams as a child?  Fantasies that made you wish with all your heart that life could be like that, the way you imagined? Did you dream you could have super-powers, or change your family, or change the world? Did you help yourself to “grow up” by putting those fantasies away? Did you get practical and realistic?

I did.

My fantasies were about flying and magic, rescuing people and learning the secrets of the universe.  I thought I was weird and read too many comic books.  I thought no one else had fantasies they longed for so much it made their stomach churn. I felt alone, and I eventually put them aside, and I grew up.

Was there some image and illusion in those fantasies?  Yep. As my husband is fond of saying, I had issues. And I could give you a dissertation now on the dynamic triangle of Rescuer-Perpetrator-Victim and how that unhealthy energy played out in my relationships.  So as I journeyed through the healing of that pattern, I never pulled out the fantasies to look at them with new eyes.  I kept them firmly in the door of childhood, in the box of things it wasn’t right to want.

Well, I recently participated in a deceptively simple exercise to reclaim one’s Divine Vision. Towards the end of the exercise, we were asked to write down the answer to the following:

“Speaking in the Voice of Divine Vision, what I have always known about (insert your name here) is…”

I found myself absorbed in memories of that time in my childhood when my magic fantasies seemed such cruel, false desires.  A time in my life when I was young and hurting and longing, and imagined myself powerless and oh so confused.

Yet today, I am a healer.  And I do actually experience my life as impossibly magical.  I experience on a daily basis the intersection of divinely aligned Intention (something I personally have to work at and practice and believe in) and Grace (the oh-so-much-bigger-than-me synchronicity and miraculousness that answers a big YES!).

With a lurch of new perspective, I saw for the first time the Divine Vision in those childhood fantasies, rather than just the wounded twists.  I accepted yet another level of that Divine Vision of myself as a healer and catalyst for the transformation of lives.

Does this sound hokey to you? Inspiring? Impossible? Commonplace? Where are you in the journey of allowing more possibility for yourself?

How do you hear the whispers from your Soul? What Divine Visions of yourself do you refuse? What parts of yourself do you leave as clay on the table, rather than engaging in the messy-but-fun process of discovering what shapes lie within?

I look forward to reading your comments!

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