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Today’s Salad

yummy spinach, beet, zuchini, pea pod flax oil organic salad

Keep chopped/prepped veggies in your fridge and salads will become your favorite meal

I’m a fan of hearty, filling, vibrant salads.

And quick food.

And easy, delicious food.

When I bring veggies home, I chop, grate, and slice my way to 6-7 containers of ready-to-add nutrient dense color.  Aren’t you feeling better already?

This salad took me 3 minutes to make — you can do it too!


Supermarket boxed baby spinach and herb salad, organic

spiral sliced zucchini

spiral sliced beet

Cultured Vegetables, store bought (this is easy to make, but I don’t! I use Veggie Delite Deluxe Zing Salad from Rejuvenative Foods)

Chopped carrots

chopped celery

chopped purple cabbage

Sugar snap peas

Kale chips I had in my pantry (raw dehydrated, optional!)

avocado slices

drizzle of flax oil

spritz of Bragg Liquid Aminos (or substitute you favorite salty taste)

squeeze of lemon

To Make:

Layer all the ingredients in a large bowl and enjoy!

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