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Top 3 Mistakes You Can Skip on A Raw Food Diet

These are the ones I see over and over again, the ones I have made myself and learned from! They tend to be true even if you’re not Raw!

Save yourself some trouble and skip these Top 3 Raw Food Diet Saboteurs:

1. All or Old.

So, you’ve made some big changes, you’re eating lots of Raw, you’re feeling amazing and… it’s winter, it’s Thanksgiving, your Aunt Myrna is only making pie for dinner, your partner will leave you if don’t make something normal… whatever the excuse, you decide that making what you are doing now work no matter what is too hard.

Do you add in some hearty cooked brown rice? Enjoy the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, fresh green beans and salad, but skip the pumpkin cheesecake, wine, phyla-dough, hors d’Å“uvre, and bowl of chips?  Or did you grab fast food on your way over, since you aren’t “eating that way right now,” stuff yourself with everything salty, cheesy, and sugary you could find, and spend weeks trying to get “back on track”?

Please, you always have a choice, and it is the sign of a healthy balance to be able to make adaptations.  But if you see the choice as doing it all “right” or doing what you were doing before, you set yourself up for failure and guilt.

As the holiday season approaches, make plans.  Think ahead.  Decide when you’re full and feeling good what adaptations will leave you feeling proud and celebratory and then act on your plan. You will enjoy being flexible while maintaining your vitality.

Skip All or Old and you’ll skip the guilt, lethargy, congestion and general blah feeling. Nice, huh?

2. Too Many Nuts.

We are fascinating creatures, and we love to be creative.  We also love to put complex tastes together. I can assure you, if you’re new to Raw Food, that there are an incredible variety of delicious, decadent treats which conform to the letter of the Raw Food concept.

While experimenting with all these gourmet raw dishes, I learned that I could simulate lasagna, burgers, cheese sticks, chocolate, and alfredo sauce quite convincingly.  I also put back on 20 of the pounds eating a greens-based raw food diet had taken off.  I maintained all the health and anti-inflammatory progress, but I definitely recommend you watch your nut consumption on a raw food diet.

Athletes can use nuts to help make up the calories and fat they need, and over time can “train” their metabolism from one that favors burning protein when carbs run out to one that favors burning fat when carbs give out; this can produce noticeable gains in performance.  For the rest of us… did you know that a serving of almonds is 7 pieces? Did you know 1 serving a day suffices in most cases?

Skip nuts-by-the-cup.

3. Sugar.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D., believes sugar in any food (processed and natural) is the number one enemy of optimal biological functioning. I see a lot of people who put a great deal of effort into upgrading their food choices and then consider sugary treats of all kinds as sort of “outside” what they are “really” doing.

I strongly recommend getting more conscious about this. The more you can consistently avoid sugar, the better you will feel.  And even if you are eating very well, a few days bingeing on sugary treats can throw your chemistry, blood hormone levels, moods and cravings completely out of whack.

Everyone plays with this for a while — its natural to want to know how much wiggle room you have whenever you are attempting a radical change. Given the prevalence of sugar in all forms today, choosing to avoid it tends to make you feel very radical. Take the time to educate yourself about metabolic syndrome, the work of Gabriel Cousen and Robert Young (among others)…

…Or just trust me: Skip the sugar.

Have you made some of these mistakes with me? I look forward to reading your comments!

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