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Juice Feasting & Green Pineapple Juice

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There is a path to healing for absolutely everyone.  I believe this completely – I have seen it happen again and again.

I am constantly amazed at the abundance of healing options that can be pursued.

Healing doesn’t just mean physical Well-Being.  It means peacefulness, internal evolution, and increased capacity to embody higher energies.

Sometimes my colleagues get so excited about the amazing changes that are possible that they make claims such as “eat a raw food diet and never get sick!”

We are living creatures, and we experience pain, sickness and death.

We are also miracles of self-healing, rebirthing, transforming energy.

It appears to me that the more a healing modality takes you to the source of your stagnation/dis-ease — the more it requires you to change what made you sick — the better it often works.

Modalities that promise a quick fix and no personal transformation help us to realize that playing “Whack the Mole” — hitting one symptom down only to have another pop up faster than you can keep up — brings limited success.  We become motivated to explore healing, transforming, and feeling great rather than coping, covering up, and chasing symptoms.

I wanted to share with you the option of Juice Feasting, since if you have never heard of it you are in for a powerful treat.  You can learn more about it at

Note: the site talks about Juice Feasting for 92 days…. that is great… and so is two days.  Please be gentle with yourself and do what works for you. It is important to honor your own timing, as well as your own evolution. Ideally, Juice Feasting can become a life practice you use throughout your life, rather than a crazy thing you tried extremely once and then abandoned.

To use Juice Feasting as a healing tool, you make and consume at least 4 quarts of freshly juiced organic fruits and vegetables each day.  You need a high speed blender like a Vitamix, a big bowl with a spout (helpful!), and a nut milk bag… or a Juicer such as the GreenStar if you have more time to devote to making your juice.

I love Juice Feasting!  I found that just a few days of Juice feasting improves the way I feel on all levels.  It also makes me super sensitive to the energies around me and to my own states of being; very emotional; and, in the beginning, cold.

I used green juices effectively in healing my arthritis several years ago.  Yet that was in context of a deep retreat, and was much closer to fasting than to my experience with Juice Feasting.

The brilliance of Juice Feasting is that it allows you to deeply detox yet provides all the calories and nutrients you need to maintain your daily routine.

You might want to experiment with a day of Juice Feasting on the weekends, or whatever the quietest day in your week is.

The core of Juice Feasting is green vegetable juice, but for your enjoyment here is my very favorite juice!

Green Pineapple Juice

1 ripe pineapple, juiced by itself and kept separate until you are ready to consume

Juiced together:

1 bunch fresh organic spinach

1 piece ginger, about 1/2 inch or more depending on taste

3-4 stalks celery

1 bunch parsley

The bromelain in the pineapple is a potent enzyme that helps fight inflammation, but because it starts working quickly on protein (Yes! there is protein in greens!), it’s important not to combine the juices until you are ready to drink them.

Did you love this?  Do you have a favorite juice recipe?  Do you have trouble drinking green juices?  Let me know your experiences below!

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