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Skin Brushing

Daily Skin Brushing exfoliates, stimulates the flushing of the lymph system, and feels great!

Wow!  It’s been a busy week! I delivered a lot of great information in the first call of my six-module THRIVE! program.

We talked about the ways that food can alter your state, your experience, your feelings, and your energy.

And we also talked about some life practices that you can use to support your body and your health on a daily basis.

One of my favorites is daily skin brushing.Soul Spark Coach reccomends daily skin brushing

Using a natural bristle brush, you spend 3-5 minutes first thing in the morning “brushing” your skin all over your body.   Starting at your feet and working always towards your heard, you brush your skin in long strokes that wake you up better than any espresso.

Skin brushing:

  • exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and allowing the skin to “breathe” and to more easily function in one of it’s major roles – as an organ of elimination!
  • Stimulates the lymph system. The lymph system is a critical part of your immune system, and has a structure similar to your circulartory system.  Unlike the areteries and veins of your circulatory system, however, the lymph has no involuntary pump.  Deep breathing and muscle contraction are responsible for it’s flow. Skin brushing every day helps flush out your lymph system, remove stagnation, and imporve your immunity.
  • Did I mention it feels great?  If you’ve never tried it before and you have a new brush, the bristles may feel a little stiff.  In no time at all you’ll be loving it!  ANd starting out your day with this pleasurable discipline of self-care subtly sets you up for a positive day.

Daily skin brushing followed by virgin coconut oil is a wonderful way to care for your skin.  Performed daily, it’s a natural, non-toxic, affordable alternative to improve many types of rashes and skin irritations.

I used to have those annoying white bumps/pimples all along my upper arms, and skin brushing + coconut oil keeps them where I like them – unmanifested!! ;)

Never tried skin brushing? Give it a try and let me know your experience — I look forward to hearing from you.

Help spread the word!

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