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David Rainoshek’s Warming Winter Tea

Are you covered in snow? Feeling cold? Fighting inflammation?

I have a treat for you!  David Rainoshek of was kind enough to share his wonderful recipe for Warming Winter Tea.

It may take a bit of  work to find or order the herbs listed in bulk form, but the resulting tea is rich, delicious, warming, and healing.


To Make Tea:

Bring 1.5 Quarts of pure water to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer and add:

1 TBSP Fresh Ginger (digestive aid)

1 TBSP Pau D’arco (antiinflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and immunostimulant)

1 TBSP Nettle (helpful for fatigue, liver support, allergies, and a good source of digestible iron)

1 TBSP Horsetail (toning and astringent, source of silica)

1 TBSP Astragalus (important tonic herb in Chinese medicine; immunostimulant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti- inflammatory, adaptogenic)

1 TBSP Tulsi (Holy Basil) ( “Modern scientific research offers impressive evidence that Tulsi reduces stress, enhances stamina, relieves inflammation, lowers cholesterol, eliminates toxins, protects against radiation, prevents gastric ulcers, lowers fevers, improves digestion and provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients. Tulsi is especially effective in supporting the heart, blood vessels, liver and lungs and also regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.” Dr. Ralph Miller, former Director of Research for the Canadian Dept. of Health and Welfare.)

1  small handful Gogi Berries (rich antioxidant, liver and eyesight support)

1 TBSP Rooibos (anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties)

1 tspt Licorice root (very sweet, so use more or less to taste – many uses – soothing, especially to digestive system, source of magnesium)

Simmer for ten minutes to drink right away, or let it steep for hours and dip into it throughout the day (I have to make two batches – yumm! I also like to add a cinnamon stick.)

This is an excellent, nutrative, healing tea.  I add a TBSP of Rehmannia Root, a potent support for the adrenals and kidneys – as well.

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