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On the Joys of Getting Coached…

I’ve just returned from a beautiful retreat with my business mentor, Kendall Summerhawk.  And I am deeply grateful that I discovered the power of great coaching long ago.

I LOVE experiencing transformation with a feeling a full support – I call it bumper bowling!  I look at where I am, how slippery my shoes are, where I want to go, and how solid my skills and knowledge are in that area (if we’re talking about real bowling, abysmal.  Really, really bad).  Then I set up great support for myself!

Have you heard that saying, ‘something worth doing is worth doing poorly — for a while’?  This is absolutely true — and a great coach can make that “poorly” stage go by with a lot more speed and grace than you may have thought possible.

It’s inherently motivating to achieve goals that are important to us, to feel that we are engaged in a process that has meaning, challenge, and visable rewards.  And that cycle of achievement and motivation, challenge and rewards, becomes a powerful positive force.

Of course, staying stagnant, repeating self-doubts, and being bored or scared to move forward becomes a self-fulfilling negative cycle as well, a powerfully draining force.

The good news is, it’s NEVER too late to commit to yourself and your vision, and there’s ALWAYS more to learn and expand into (and this from someone who teaches people not to use absolutes, lol).

I am actually, right this moment, in various stages of training with not one but FOUR fabulous coaches. Each of them helps me to find the most efficient, gentle and rewarding path to the skills and mindsets I am looking to integrate.

Then it’s up to me to wrestle with my resistance, and take action.

I’m an expert at spirit-nourishing food and personal transformation.  But I’m a newbie in the world of serious entrepreneurs.  Good thing there’s always someone to learn from!  I personally was particularly drawn to Kendall Summerhawk, whose divine feminine approach to business coaching has attracted a fascinating, soulful group of strong men and enchanting women.

Here’s a gem of wisdom I took away from my recent retreat with Kendall.

“It’s not about the money.” (Kendall, a former “career waitress,” runs her own multi-million dollar business!) “It’s about who I have to become to make the money.”

For me, this is what it’s all about.  Not just our dreams, but whom we get to become in the process of reaching our dreams, and making new ones.

Whatever we turn away from in ourselves festers; if we don’t integrate it we seem programmed to put our inner wounding out into the world and often, onto others.

But the reverse is also true.  When we turn inside, when we look at what the dreams that call us forward are pushing us to see, to integrate, we become capable of becoming what we long for.  And a coach or mentor who already embodies an aspect of that new creation is a fantastic asset in guiding us smoothly and gently through this process.

So I am grateful to Kendall for pulling me forward, for walking the path before me so there’s light along the way.  And the fact that she held her retreat at a posh resort in the canyons of Sedona, Arizona works for me, too!

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