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Healing Pain

fashion man jumping healthy happy no painHow do you “heal” pain? The fundamental, necessary attitude is to insist on more than the masking of symptoms.

What Does Pain Mean?

Pain comes in many forms and teaches us many things. Even moderate, chronic pain can cause persistent depression and worry.  What is your response to pain?  Do you take it seriously?  Do you reach for the strongest pill-form relief you can access? Do you ignore it? Do you accept it as “part of getting old”?

I’ve had a lot of interest lately from people who want to know what I personally do to stay symptom-free with aggressive spondyloarthritis and sacroiliitis — conditions that are often excruciating for people.

You Can Get Relief That Lasts

I have been pain-free for about 3 years as I write this.  I do get twinges, and I respond to them quickly.  I’ve learned what works for me.

I believe that what will work for you is out there.  All too often, we are using medication to try to dodge the energetic, emotional, and lifestyle-change work our symptoms are calling our attention to.

Are You Trying to Heal, Or Are You Trying Not To Feel?

We would not go to our doctor and say, “I am cutting off a toe every morning.  It hurts, and I’d like pain medication so I don’t feel that pain.  I plan to start on my fingers when I’m done with my toes, but I don’t want it to hurt.”

Our kind doctor might suggest we stop doing what is injuring us.

We certainly would not say, “No, I don’t want to stop causing myself pain, I want YOU to give me something so I don’t FEEL the pain.”

And yet, many of us do a version of this every day.

Treat The Cause…

We don’t want to cut out processed grains or sugar, but we want weight-loss pills, Alli, diet shots, appetite suppressants, and short-term fads.

We don’t want to find new ways to stay active every day that work for our body, look at how dairy affects us, or remove the acidifying foods that lead to inflammation.  But, we are willing to take increasing doses of NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Tylenol, Alleve, and Motrin), every day of our life, to cope with joint, back and arthritis pain.

So many of us accept increasing levels of pain, limitation, and isolation rather than make the challenging, meaningful changes in our internal and external environment that would alter our path.

I understand, I’ve been there.

…And You Find The Gift

Living beings get sick, we die. Seemingly horrible things happen to wonderful people.

However, in my own life, and in, without exception, every single case I have been privledged to witness, we are always responsible for how we respond.  We create the EXPERIENCE of our reality to a far greater degree than most people realize.  This isn’t depressing, it’s magnificent!

What if everything, absolutely everything, that happens to you, contains a gift? What if everything is an opportunity to have exactly the guidance, support, healing and love you are looking for?

What if what you long for most is not behind some hidden, locked door… but through the always-open door of every moment? What if we stop trying “not to feel,” and start looking instead to understand the message — the gift — inside our pain?

Is It Real?

I’ve read and been influenced by some spiritual teachers who claim to know that this is, in fact, Spiritual Law… that this version of things is actually Truth with a capital T.  Is this Universal Truth, the way things really work?

I have to share with you that I have no idea.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin, nor do I see how I personally could know such things.

Here’s what I do know. Just acting as if absolutely everything that comes to you has a gift, and a responsibility for you to take up the challenge… acting this way invites miracles into your life.

Profound physical healing.
Unbeleivable acts of synchronicity and grace.
Sudden openings of opportunity you never imagined.
Sudden recognition, at last, of opportunities or support that have been there all along.
Your own Financial “Trust-fund” (do you trust in your essential security? What would change for you if you did?)
The people you need to find your next step appearing easily before you.

Can you imagine that if your life was a constant string of such miracles and synchronicities, your faith in something wonderful and bigger than yourself might grow powerfully strong rather naturally?

More Importantly: Does It Work?

I do know that, for me, this is a wonderful, magical, happy way to live.

I do know that it’s possible for everyone.  You can learn and practice the attitudes, actions, and processes that take you from skipping stones along the surface of your symptoms, to looking more deeply for causes and sources and gifts.

Causes and Sources and Gifts, oh my! I want to know where you are with this.

  • What pain in your life, has, upon reflection, brought you a gift you treasure?
  • Where in your life currently could you look deeper?
  • If you were completely safe, loved, supported, energized, and pain-free, what would you attempt?
  • What is one thing you could shift today to step into that energy?

Coming next: I’ll share with you the specific actions I take to stay pain-free, as well as share some of the things that are sure to throw me back into a disease-symptomology.

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2 Comments to Healing Pain

  1. August 19, 2011 at 3:25 pm | Permalink


    Thank you for your article. I have found with my clients, so many run from pain instead of learning and growing through the pain.

    But as a registered nurse, I once had a patient who was in an accident. I asked the physician if I could give him some pain medication. The doctor told me no. He said that pain medication would mask the pain – and mask the injury. This is why we can’t mask our pain – but the pain reveals the injury!

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