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No More Back Pain: My Personal List of the Best Solutions

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I promised to share with you what I actually do to keep my back pain and arthritis in check — here it is!

Bonus: The Quick List of What Doesn’t Work (Or, How to Create Pain in Your Life!)


  1. Consider yourself a victim. Figure out who to blame.
  2. Focus on what you can’t do.
  3. Eat mostly processed, packaged foods.
  4. If you have a personal “problem” food (mine is dairy), eat a LOT of that food.
  5. Live on caffeine and deadlines.
  6. Willfully push through all challenges.
  7. Pursue your fitness/sport/hobby at all costs — no pain no gain.
  8. Ignore your pain, you’re tough.
  9. Alternatively, spend all day at a computer/desk and all night in front of the TV.
  10. Seek ways to stop feeling your pain rather than ways to understand it.

Now For The Good Stuff: The Pain Solutions That Work For Me


Pain, like emotion, can act as a compass.  It can tell you important information.  It can guide your choices. But to use this compass, you can’t keep trying to throw it away.  You have to study it — in a sense welcome it.  You have to become an expert in your own pain — what changes it, how does it flow, what is underneath it.

Pain brought to light for me the part of myself that was pretty happy giving up.

It shed light on an undeveloped aspect of my character — that part of me that liked the idea of being cared for.

I had to examine the ways I was claiming my pain. Having a chronic pain, a dis-ease with a Name, can become an identity that we actually promote.  “I have such-and-such.”  It can become a way that we connect to others.  For me, I began to see how, if I continued on the path I was on, my illness could become the perfect shield for my ego — a ready-made excuse for anything I never accomplished.

The first step in breaking out of my pain was in some ways the hardest.  It was the exploration of this victim, small-sighted mindset as it manifested in my life, and the very deep decision that I had a choice. I chose a bigger, unknown path. Like the bird, who, sensing the dawn, begins to sing in the dark, I jumped into the faith of a bigger, more beautiful, more fulfilling, more adventures ME.


I’m a big believer in the power of a positive attitude combined with a burning desire see more deeply.  It doesn’t work well to be positive in the sense of being deeply in denial.

Cultivate gratitute.

Cultivate support – CREATE an environment that nurtures and supports you emotinally, so that you can do the work you are here to do from a feeling, a base, of safety and support.


  • Learn about the acid/alkaline balance and eat to keep yourself mildly alkaline.  If you have an inflammatory condition of any kind, I believe this is the root cause and the single most effective thing you can address for powerful healing.
  • I enjoy soda, coffee, and cheese.  And I made myself very sick eating much too much of them.  Today, these very acidic foods are a very small part of my diet.  If you are not a “cold turkey” kind of person, start by upgrading your choices.
    • sparkling water with lemon for soda
    • green tea or ONE coffee for a Starbucks habit
    • raw goat cheese for a pound-of-cheddar-a-day habit (yes, I used to eat that)
  • Using specific foods as “medicine.” Foods come complete in ways that modern medicine doens’t even begin to approach.  I teach my clients how to transform from eating patterns that are making them sick, to eating patterns that can make them well.  For example, I use green juices and smoothies to alkalize my system and flood it with the nutrients it craves.  I use  Rehmannia Root to balance my physiologic, and lifestyle induced, tendency towards adrenal stress.  I specialize in helping you to discover what works for you.


After a lot of trial and error, heres the short list:

  1. Lots of moderate physical activity.  I’ll walk and ski all day, but it’s true that I am no longer doing a lot of pylometrics, running, or Olympic weight lifting.
  2. Bikram Yoga done at MY pace.  I do find the heat and the stretching very helpful, BUT I think it’s very easy for anyone not deeply in touch with their bodies to get caught up in the “atmosphere” of Bikram and do more harm than good.
  3. Natural Hot Springs.  I’m lucky enough to live close to several, and they are one of my great pleasures!
  4. Chi Machine — if you do a google search you’ll get the idea.  I honestly am pretty sceptical about the science here… yet despite my skepticism I notice that regular use improves my mobility and reduces any pain flare-up quickly.  I no longer use this regularly, but I do use it if I overdo the gardening, and whenever I am cleansing/juicefeasting.
  5. The right physical therapist.  It took me three tries to find a person I love — she was able to teach me specific exercises I use whenever I get my left hip out of alignment, a very painful experience which, if ignored, leads to a cascade of compensation that increases pain throughout my body.

Take Control

Chronic inflammation is often strongly related to lifestyle and belief systems.  If you are being told by your doctors that the exact cause of your condition is not known, consider looking deeper.

If the treatment options you are being offered involve “carpet bombing” your immune system because it has the temerity to be overburdened trying to clean up after you, or to “hide” your pain behind a lifetime of drugs, PLEASE consider looking further.

If you know in your heart there is a message for you in your condition, be like the bird.  Have the faith to start singing while it’s still dark.  The dawn is amazing.

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2 Comments to No More Back Pain: My Personal List of the Best Solutions

  1. October 14, 2013 at 3:45 pm | Permalink

    Laura I love your opening ten point list!
    Much of what you speak about here, nutrition, yoga and even just taking control are all great for relieving stress also. This is a huge contributor to back pain in many cases so you are attacking from two sides.
    Also I think it is really important to continue with your suggestions once back pain has subsided otherwise it will come knocking again.
    It is hard to stay motivated once the pain is gone but it is extremely important.

    Rory K

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