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EVOLUTION on the Spiritual Path

Outdoor Labyrinth at Duncan Conference Center, Delray, FLOne of the best ways to know that you traveling your spiritual path is that you find yourself evolving.  You grow into new forms that both include and transcend what you were before.

Labyrinth: A symbol of the spiritual path.

While co-facilitating the workshop Success For Healers (presented by Success Without Sacrifice) in December, 2011, I came across this definition of a Labyrinth: “An unbroken path without tricks or dead ends.”  What a lovely definition of the journey towards our most authentic and whole Self; towards the living expression of Spirit through our own heart and heart-led actions.

On such a journey you become more of who you already are, you shine brighter, and you serve more people; all while exploring new and exciting edges.

At least that’s been my experience!

New Adventures

I got to spend most 2012 using my Money Goddess skills to help my husband get his new business up and running. I’m usually known for my work with women and food. Clients love getting up on my healing table, transforming their health and sparking their inner magnificence.

I adore my job and my clients!

… AND,

a lifetime of financial management and 20 years as a small business owner has taught me quite a bit about working with budgets, getting by on a shoestring, and growing a business and a lifestyle I am thrilled with. So getting to spend the better part of a year immersed in business creation, website development, and marketing with my husband has been both a wild ride and an unexpectedly powerful affirmation of my business and organization skills.

Sometimes, it takes doing something completely different for a while before you can gracefully integrate new skills and habits into what you already do well. It can feel messy, but it’s a good thing. As an adult, you are completely responsible for the shape your life takes. Are you doing what is necessary right now? Are you enjoying it? Are you letting yourself become more of who you are? Are you having fun with it? Are you reaching for your edges, full of curiosity about what you’ll find, even when you are afraid?

That is the journey of transformation. I truly believe that it’s meant to be INCREDIBLE. Enjoy it!




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