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Success Without Sacrifice

I just wanted to share with you the visual fruits of several years of labors-of-love!

When my husband asked me last year to help him start his own business, I really didn’t know what we were in for with TWO entrepreneurs in the household! It’s definitely not the smoothest, most secure adventure to choose, lol.

Then again, right by my front door is an adorable drawing of a small boat with the caption:
“A ship in the harbor is safe…but that is not what ships are for.”

So now, in the Lowry household, The Soul Spark Coach (me!) is joined by Success Without Sacrifice (my husband!).

Tim founded Success Without Sacrifice to help leaders integrate their actions with their Spiritual Path.  Tim has a gift for creating masterful insight, and a passion for using that insight to power action that is aligned, effective, and creative. He works mainly with therapists, counselors, and executives, and he runs an amazing Transformational Leadership Group for anyone who has clients or a team relying on them.


new soul spark coach logo

The Soul Spark Coach and Success Without Sacrifice Success Without Sacrifice Logo


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