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Happy Healing New Year 2013

Reflections 2012

So yesterday a client had me in stitches with her comedic parody of how she thought my life goes on a daily level — basically seamless, perfect, and always settled.

Not true!

Now if you’ve met me in person or visited my site, you know I am always encouraging you to live big, follow your inner guidance, and trust.

Those are things I work on every day, and while the journey is always incredible, it is also constantly challenging my perceived boundaries.

As I reflect on my life in 2012,  I am in awe all over again of the power of spiritual alignment.

When you align, let go, and trust that if you take the step before you as fearlessly as possible, it will all be ok….

Lo and behold, it’s not only ok, it’s miraculous.


As you know, my own healing journey, and my  background in healing through food, led me to raw living foods.

The up-leveling and clarity of Spirit I experienced through raw food allowed me to expand past anything I had previously imagined for myself.  Having been an entrepreneur my whole life, and saw a new way to combine my healing and coaching skills, I started The Soul Spark Coach way back in 2009.  I added Certified Raw Food Coach to my list of professional trainings, and  I had an absolutely amazing, exciting, trial-by-fire introduction to  the fast-paced world of on-line entrepreneurship.  That success brought me many exciting opportunities.

In 2012, one opportunity in particular called to me, daring me to shout again the great, cosmic, YES! and strap in for the ride. :)

 You Get What You Ask For, And I Asked For More….

It started so innocently: My husband had a question…

“Honey, I have this idea…will you help me take my business online?”

Have you ever been joyfully blindsided by your own YES?

I always find the more I am able to say that clear powerful YES!…

…the more the universe conspires to speed my evolution and growth past all my little (and not-so-little!) safety barriers and comfort zones.

A bit of part-time behind-the-scenes business help grew into a full-time endeavor: creating a business from the ground up with my husband, Master Healer Tim Lowry, that has a world-wide reach and a deep sense of service.


Happy Healing New Year!

Continually stepping up into the larger space is always challenging, exhilarating, and profound.  Ok, also at times exhausting!

My personal experiences and growth on my Spiritual Path continue to deepen my commitment to this core belief:

There is a path to healing — to a life of joyful meaning and service and connection– for everyone. 

May 2013 be a year of healing for you.




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