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What Does an Energy Healer Do?

How is a trained Energy Healer different from other helping professionals?

What distinguishes a trained Energy Healer from a psychotherapist, Reiki Practioner, or counselor? Obviously, a professional who has trained for many years is working on a different level than someone who has just completed weekend workshop.  But among professionals, what is the difference?

For example, are Healers trained in Eden Energetics or Brennan Healing Science just New Age psychologists?

Is a trained Healer doing anything more than those who pray for you?

Is there anything to Energy Healing beyond the universal human power to use “laying on of hands with positive intent” to comfort each other?

A trained energy healer differs from psychologists or passive laying on of hands in 2 ways: Focus, and Consciousness. Let’s look at each of these.

1. Focus: Spiritual Transformation, not Psychology

A trained Energy Healer focuses on Spiritual Transformation rather than Psychology.  Personal growth involves an interplay of both. As an individual, you are integrating aspects of your spiritual evolution and you psychological maturity with each experience. But in terms of the focus of a Healer or Psychologist, there are clear differences.

Focus on Spiritual

Focus on Psychology

Helps you to heal        Helps you get functional
You transcend your issue You learn to manage your
issue with greater competency,
flexibility,and maturity
Requires, then goes beyond,
a healthy ego
Builds a healthy ego
Ultimately evokes a willingness
to move beyond self-identification
Focus is on adaptive and mature

 2. Consciousness

A trained Energy Healer consciously adapts their energy field to the client. They have been trained in energy anatomy. Like a doctor using tools or medicines, a Healer consciously uses frequency, energy flow, and states of being to provide a healing response for the client, who can then choose to integrate or not.



I’d like to thank Sandy L. for inspiring me to write the simple version. 




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